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Thursday, July 07, 2005

End of experiment.

Remember British self-control! RC

We are stuck inside the office which is near Euston Road. Thanks for the updates!

Emergency nearly over. Things are returning to normal, if you can really say that. Some Underground stations have been reopened, the cellular network is back on. We just got news that we can go home! The clouds have parted and the sun is out. AP

The situation here is still difficult. No trains, no busses. MdP

The British media is not giving us information on casualties. I work for an insurance company near Aldgate. The entire neighborhood is a "crime scene". There are helicopters and the Sky News troops. We are getting very little information--I guess the authorities don't want us to panic. No one knows what we'll do tomorrow.

In my office people are acting like nothing happened, if you exclude the sound of a thousand ambulances and police cars. CF

I'm in London for an intership and was in Madrid on 11 March last year. There's a big difference in the way people are reacting. British self control! I'm in an office in Wandtsworth City south of the Thames. I'm speechless about the catastrophe!..


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