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Saturday, July 30, 2005

30 July Events in Iraq and in the Region

Baghdad. Kurds demand partial control of northern oilfields.

Gaza. Two UN workers in Gaza were released by their kidnappers.

Jerusalem. The Israeli military plans a vast ground offensive in the Gaza Strip before the evacuation but the Defense Minister opposes the move. Mr. Mofaz in under intense US pressure to avoid an escalation.

Sdérot. Two Qassam missiles were fired by Palestinian militants.

Ishaki. A roadside bomb killed several civilians near this town 100 km north of Baghdad.

Dour. A roadside bomb killed several civilians near this town 155 north of the capital.

Mosul. The casualty toll from a suicide bombing of Iraqi army recruits in the northern Iraq town of Raabia on Friday rose to 40 dead and 57 wounded.

Baghdad. Moderate Sunni leader Khalaf al-Ilayan, head of the National Dialogue Council, escaped an assassination attempt but his bodyguard was wounded. Men dressed in government uniforms attacked his car.

Basrah. A mine detonated as a British diplomatic convoy passed nearby, killing two private security guards. The pair were security contractors employed by Control Risks Group. There is no information on the wounded.

Baghdad. Sunni leaders accuse the government of arming death squads as a reprisal to insurgent actions.

Hit. A suicide bomber attacked a US convoy, wounding four marines.

Baghdad. The bodies of three civilians kidnapped a Baghdad Airport were found in the al-Amil area of Baghdad. They included Maher Yassine Jassem, director of Airport telecommunications.

Mahmudiya. A mine killed a civilian and wounded three others south of the capital.

23:30 Teheran. Iranian authorities have arrested human rights laywer Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

21:18 Teheran. Iran demanded that the European Union submit proposals in a dispute over its nuclear programme by Aug. 1 rather than take a week longer. The European Union -- represented by Britain, France and Germany -- is due to offer Iran a limited package of economic and political incentives to give up work that the United States suspects is a veil for efforts to build a nuclear bomb. In return, the EU wants Iran to agree to maintain indefinitely its suspension of uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel reprocessing and related activities.

20:44 Beirut. The new Lebanese government of Fouad Siniora was approved by Parliament with a strong majority.

20:12 Cairo. Anti-Mubarek protests. Dozens protested Hosni Mubarek and many were beated by police with clubs. Four protesters were arrested and briefly detained, including three Kefaya members: Kamal Khalil, George Ishak and Amin Iskander. Our question to Mr. Bush and Mrs. Rice is where are the democratic values you were taking about?, asked protester Adil Saïd at the end of the demonstration.

19:20 Rome. A British extradition request for Isaac Hamdi will be forwarded Monday or Tuesday.

16:51 Baghdad. Former dictator Saddam Hussein was agressed by an unidentified individual as he left the Iraqi Special Tribunal after a hearing, said Saddam's legal team in Amman. . Punches were exchanged. Neither the assailant not Saddam were injured. A member of Saddam's defense team, Khalil Doulaïmi said that Saddam was surprised to find three judges and a prosecutor whom before whom he had never appeared. Doulaïmi also said there was no notification of new charges and no time was given to Saddam to meet with his attorneys. Abdel Haq Alani, a British legal consultant to Saddam's legal team, said the incident was a "parody of justice." "This was a hearing, not a trial and there should have been no spectators. [I see. The idea is to have Saddam dispatched by a Jack Ruby-like incident.

16:32 Washington. The USA promises to arrest the executioners of of the two kidnapped Algerian diplomatis.

16:09 Cairo. The King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad ben Issa Al-Khalifa, will participate in the extraordinary session of the Arab Leage on August 3rd at Sharm al-Sheikh. Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Palestine and the Emirates have confirmed their attendence.

15:43 Fallujah. Fifty Falljah tribal leaders have pronounced themselves in favor of the referendum on the Constitution but oppose a federal Iraq after a meeting with US officials at a US military base near the city. Sheikh Hamid Farhan Abdallah Al-Mehendi said that In our estimation a federalized Iraqi could divide the country. What kind of Constitution is one which permits the Kurds to adopt their own flag? The Kurds and those from Basrah get oil and all we get is the al-Anbar desert? For his part, Sheikkh Riyad Ali added, Our rights are ignored. The Sunnis have governed Iraq for the last four decades and now it seems we are forgotten in the new democratic process sponsored by the Americans.

15:34 Baghdad. Members of the committee writing Iraq's new constitution said Saturday major differences remain only two weeks before the deadline for parliament to approve the draft. A Sunni member said some issues may remain unresolved until after the December elections. There is a group that wants Iraq to be called "The Iraqi Islamic Federal Republic", while the other wants it called the "Iraqi Federal Republic" and another group rejects both names, said Kurdish legislator Hussein Mohammed Taha. He added that Kurds and Shiites agree that Iraq should become a federal state while Sunni Arabs still object, fearing it could lead to the division of the country. Another problem is the official language of Iraq and whether it should be Arabic alone or Arabic and Kurdish, he added. There are even differences over whether Iraq should be formally declared as part of the Arab and Islamic nation or whether the document should state that the Iraqi people are parts of those nations, he said. A serious point of disagreement also appears to be the role of Islam in the state.

15:17 Umm Qasr. A number of Iraqi homes and farms have slightly «encroached» into Kuwait at the border area of Umm Qasr in southern Iraq, Kuwait said Saturday, but insists the matter, which sparked Iraqi protests last week, will be resolved through dialogue.

14:39 Baghdad. A suicide bomber rammed a checkpoint near the National Theatre in the Karrada district of south Baghdad. The blast killed five people, including three
policemen, and injuring nine, including a mother and her two children.

13:06 Baghdad. A roadside bomb directed at a US military convoy in Baghdad's Doura district killed an Iraqi civilian and possibly killed or wounded several US soldiers.

12:01 Baghdad. The Director-General of the Health Ministry, Mrs. Iman Naji Abdelrazzak, was kidnapped by gunmen who stormed her home in the capital's upscale district of Mansour .

11:50 London. Two men were arrested in Leicester in the early hours of the morning in connnection with the 7 July bombings.

11:21 Baghdad. Gunmen spray Jordanian Embassy with gunfire


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