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Monday, September 19, 2005

19 September 2005 Events in Iraq

London. Christian church leaders should apologize to Muslims for the war on Iraq in the of place of their governments, suggests an Anglican report: Countering terrorism: Power, violence and democracy after 9-11. A working group mandated by the Church of England and led by Bishop of Oxford Richard Harris has studied ways to reach reconciliation between the West and the Muslim world. British Christians are faced with a the dilemma, says the report: A withdrawal of troops may be irresponsible yet to keep them there may give the impression that Britian is supporting the United States in a long-term occupation of Iraq. The working group also critized the US Religious Right in their belief that the United States is a "chosen" nation to which a great destiny is promised.

Karbala. Security forces have been deployed to protect the thousands of pilgrims in the town for the celebration of the birth of Imam Mehdi, the Twelth Imam and successor to the Prophet Muhammad.

Mahmoudiyah. Suicide bomber rams police commando checkpoint, killing seven police and one civilian.

Latifiyah. One child and an Iraqi soldier were killed and ten people wounded in a suicide attack on a military checkpoint. The wounded were on a pilgrimage to Karbala.

Basrah. Two British soldiers disguised as Arabs and travelling in a white sedan opened fire on a police patrol and were arrested. The British the dispatched tanks to the jail holding the pair where a Shi'ite crowd met them with molotov cocktails. Two tanks were destroyed.

Baghdad. Fifty-four foreigners were sentenced from one to twenty years for supporting the rebellion.

Baghdad. An Iraqi court sentenced one of Saddam Hussein's nephews to life in prison for funding the country's violent insurgency and bomb-making after a previously unannounced trial. Iraq's Central Criminal Court sentenced Ayman Sabawi, the son of Saddam's half brother Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, to life in prison on charges he helped fund the insurgency. The court said he would face a second trial on Nov. 1 for undisclosed crimes to which he allegedly confessed during the first trial that just ended.

23:05 Basrah. In a major show of force, British soldiers used 10 tanks to break down the walls of the central jail in the southern city of Basra late Monday and freed two Britons, allegedly undercover commandos, who had been arrested on charges of shooting two Iraqi policemen. Basra Governor Mohammed al-Waili called the rescue a «barbaric» act of aggression. Aquil Jabbar, an Iraqi television cameraman who lives across the street from the jail, said about 150 Iraqi prisoners also fled as British commandos stormed inside and rescued their comrades. Demonstrators hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at British tanks and at least four people were killed in the major outbreak of violence.

22:18 London. British Defence Ministry acknowledges the existence of the Gulf War Syndrome.

22:54 Tegucigalpa. An American company specialized in security escorts and explosives handling has built a training camp in Honduras to prepare its employees for assignments in Iraq, reported the Honduran daily La Tribuna. At least 97 Chileans are in training at the camp in a remote mountainous location near Lepaterique, 60 km northwest of Tegucigalpa, said Benjamin Canales, manager for Yours Solution. The US company has already sent 35 Hondurans to Iraq and is preparing to send another 50, in addition to the Chileans. Honduran Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Vasquez said the country's military would investigate the camp, saying that no permission had been requested to train foreigners. Honduran Labor Minister German Leitzelar said he did not know that the camp was recruiting foreigners. The Honduran Constitution does not permit foreign troops on its soil. Last month Yours Solutions said it had a list of 700 Hondurans who had volunteered to work in Iraq.

19:35 Washington. Pentagon spokesman Lawrence DiRita says the US will increase its troop presence in Iraq to 160,000 by extending troop rotations.

17:49 New York. UN Secretary Kofi Annan called upon Syria to end interference in Lebanon.

17:26 Baghdad. Judicial authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Hazim Shalaan, former Iraqi Defense Minister, for the theft of $1 billion. British newspaper The Independent says Shalaan and several other former ministers (Electricity, Transportation, Interior) siphoned off up to $2 billion.

16:57 Paris. Authorities break up a ring recruiting French Muslims as Jihadis for Iraq. Six arrested.

16:38 New York. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice presides over a ministers meeting on Lebanon. President were Lebanese PM Fuad Siniora, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, Italian Foreign Mininister Gianfranco Fini, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal, Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov and the EU High Representative for Diplomacy Javier Solana.

12:14 New York. President George W. Bush's faltering performance after Hurricane Katrina, like his decision to invade Iraq, show his priorities are at odds with actions needed to keep Americans safe, anti-war protesters said on Monday.
One of the bogus reasons that George Bush gives for this invasion (and) occupation of Iraq is to make America safer -- and Katrina exposed that clearly he has made America more vulnerable through his policies in Iraq, anti-war activist and bereaved mother Cindy Sheehan told a news conference. We were alarmed to hear the first company to get a contract in the rebuilding of New Orleans was Halliburton, another non-bid contract, said Leslie Cagan of United for Peace and Justice, which bills itself as the largest anti-war coalition in the United States.

10:53 Istanbul. A bomb hidden in a trashcan exploded in a park along the Taksim Promenade, seriously injuring a sanitation worker.

10:15 Beirut. Kuwaiti Information Office bombed, wounding two.

09:36 Kabul. Voter turnout slightly below 50% for Afghani legislative elections.


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