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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Francis Fukuyama Throws in the Towel

Invasion of the Isolationists, from the New York Times.

With the failure to secure Sunni support for the constitution and splits within the Shiite community, it seems increasingly unlikely that a strong and cohesive Iraqi government will be in place anytime soon. Indeed, the problem now will be to prevent Iraq's constituent groups from looking to their own militias rather than to the government for protection. If the United States withdraws prematurely, Iraq will slide into greater chaos. That would set off a chain of unfortunate events that will further damage American credibility around the world and ensure that the United States remains preoccupied with the Middle East to the detriment of other important regions - Asia, for example - for years to come.

We do not know what outcome we will face in Iraq. We do know that four years after 9/11, our whole foreign policy seems destined to rise or fall on the outcome of a war only marginally related to the source of what befell us on that day. There was nothing inevitable about this. There is everything to be regretted about it.


Anonymous mark from ireland said...

Well boo hoo. I haven't forgotten either the end of history or his subsequent attempts to recant. I suspect there'll be a lot more of this. Fukuyama is one of the "bloody minded scribblers" who provided intellectual camouflage and is now desperately trying to cover his ass. "Who me?" "No no no - that's ink on my hands not blood."

and he still doesn't have the intellectual honesty to admit something blindingly glaringly obviuos:

"Are we failing in Iraq? That's still unclear. The United States can control the situation militarily as long as it chooses to remain there in force, but our willingness to maintain the personnel levels necessary to stay the course is limited. The all-volunteer Army was never intended to fight a prolonged insurgency, and both the Army and Marine Corps face manpower and morale problems. While public support for staying in Iraq remains stable, powerful operational reasons are likely to drive the administration to lower force levels within the next year."

This is what you wanted Francis my boy and this is what you've got. Only an ideologue like you would have failed to spot that other people have ideologies too

9:04 AM  

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