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Thursday, October 06, 2005

6 October 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Kirkuk: A retired brigadier-general was killed in an ambush by gunmen in Kirkuk, reports al-Arabiya TV.

Hilla. Locals sifted through the remains of a Shia mosque to try to ascertain whether yesterday's blast was caused by a car bomb or by explosives planted inside the mosque. Although the mosque and its minaret remained standing, much of the roof collapsed following the blast.

Cairo. Supporters of Saddam Hussein are attempting to obtain a guarantee from the United States to spare the life of the former dictator in exchange for halting attacks on US-Iraqi security forces, said Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in an interview with the Egyptian paper al-Ahram.
Washington. President George W. Bush accused Syria and Iran of supporting terrorist groups in Iraq and issued a warning: The United States makes no distinction between those who commit terrorist acts and those who support the terrorists and give them shelter because they are equally guilty of murder.

Milan. In an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Italian opposition leader Romano Prodi said he would pull the Italian contingent out of Iraq if the opposition wins the spring 2006 legislative elections. Prodi called the Iraq war a colossal mistake. For both the Americans and the British, the problem is now how to get out of Iraq. More than ever before, we see that the military route solves nothing. A political solution is necessary.

Baghdad. The distribution of millions of copies of the draft Iraqi Constitution is underway. Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said he was certain that there would be a massive voter turnout to ratify the document.

Tehran. Iran denies that it has supplied explosives to Shi'ite militias in Iraq. It is a lie. The British are the cause of instability in Iraq, said Hamid Reza Asefi, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman.

Tegucigalpa. The US private security firm Yours Solutions says it has recruited and trained 165 Hondurans 105 Chileans who will leave from San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras on Friday for Iraq. Between now and the end of October, the company says it will train another 553 men, including Chileans, Hondurans and Nicaraguans.

Baghdad. Sunni Arab leaders who had threatened a boycott because of the changes said they were satisfied with Wednesday's reversal and are now mobilizing to defeat the charter at the polls. But some warned they could still call a boycott to protest major U.S. offensives launched in the past week in western Iraq, the Sunni heartland.

Baghdad. A roadside bomb hit a US patrol in the Shula district of northern Baghdad and killed one American soldier.

Baghdad. Four U.S. soldiers were slightly wounded when a car bomb hit their patrol in central Baghdad, setting off fighting with small-arms fire and the intervention of U.S. helicopters.

Baghdad. A roadside bomb hit a police patrol on a highway, killing five policemen and wounding two 20 miles south of the capital.

Taji. A shooting and a roadside bomb in the towns of Taji and Udaim, north of Baghdad, killed two Iraqi soldiers and a policeman.

Kirkuk. Insurgents bombed a pipeline sending plumes of black smoke and fire up into the air. The pipeline connects oil fields with Kirkuk's refineries.

Baghdad. A 43-year-old detainee died Wednesday of an apparent heart attack at U.S. Camp Bucca.

24:00 Washington. The Pentagon has announced that it has increased US troop strength in Iraq to 152,000 men.

21:51 Doha. Iranian Foreign Minister Manoushehr Mottaki held talks with Qatari officials on bilateral relations and regional developments. His visit coincided with that of US envoy and Iraq coordinator James Jeffrey, who met with Qatari Foreign Minister Hamad ben Jassem ben Jabr al-Thani to discuss the Iraq situation.

21:08 Warsaw. 150 anti-war activists demonstrated to demand that the topic of the Iraq war be included in debates during Poland's presidential race.

20:46 Baghdad. US warplanes bomb eight bridges over the Euphrates River near the Syrian border. Multinational forces say they control four crossings.

18:01 London. President Jalal Talabani said Thursday that the continued presence of U.S.-led coalition troops was vital to the job of securing democracy, and that a timetable for withdrawal would only help terrorists.

17:55 London. Tony Blair accused Iran of supporting Iraqi rebels through Lebanese Hezbollah. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the British goverment wants to hold talks with Iran on the matter of explosives.

17:36 Beirut. Lebanese Hezbollah rejected charges by Tony Blair that it is involved with the insurgency. To implicate Hezbollah in actions that have nothing to do with its mission, which is to resist the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, is an old story with which everyone is familiar, said Hezbollah officials in a communiqué to AFP.

17:32 Ramadi. Operations in western Iraq continue. Operations Lightning Strike, Iron Fist, River Gate, Mountaineers and Thunder II-National Unity continue.

17:32 Melilla. Six persons were either trampled or killed by Spanish border police when illegal African immigrants attempted an assault on the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

17:30 London. A BBC documentary to air 10 October, Israel and the Arabs: Unattainable Peace, relates that President George Bush confided to Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas and Foreign Minister Nabil Chaath that he had received an instruction from God to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

17:22 Washington. President Bush calls terrorists operating in Iraw "the most ruthless enemy ever" at speech before the National Endowment for Democracy.

17:22 London. Tony Blair reiterates that British troops will remain in Iraq to prevent 'catastrophe".

17:10 Baghdad. Iraqi President Ibrahim Jaafari rejected British and American accusations against Iran, saying relations between the two countries are "very friendly". Jaafari also said accusations of Iranian interference in Iraq were "baseless and unacceptable."

16:46 Washington. President Bush said in a speech that the US has thwarted three terrorist attacks on the USA since 9-11.

16:46 Beirut. In a bid to stem a wave of mysterious bombings, the government said Thursday it would offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of bombers who have killed six people since February.

16:33 George W. Bush accused Islamic militants on Thursday of seeking to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world and charged they have made Iraq their main front. The militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses, enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region and establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia, Bush said. The president has been stepping up his defense of his Iraq policy in the face of declining public support for the war and a crucial test in Iraq with the Oct. 15 constitutional referendum.

12:30 Baghdad. A second bomb in Palestine Street near Iraq's Oil Ministry kills 10 and wounds eight. A man wearing an explosives belt got onto a minibus carrying 14 people — including students, workers and policemen heading to the police academy, and detonated his payload as the bus passed a police patrol at the intersection where the academy is located, about 400 yards from the Oil Ministry.

10:40 London. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to meet British PM Tony Blair to discuss the 15 October Constitutional popular referendum.

08:50 Baghdad. Carbomb strikes SUVs transporting foreign security contractors in al-Nidal Street in the Karrada district. Four passers-by were wounded.


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