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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chimpy in China

How dumb is this? (From an AFP story carried by Le Monde)

Enterprising propagandists at the US Embassy in Beijing issued Islamic terror alerts for Dubya's debarcation. The Islamists were allegedly going to blow up Beijing's luxury hotels. The Chinese authorities dismissed the alerts as hoaxes and are now investigating the US Embassy for causing public panic through the deliberate dissemination of false rumors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hotel threat was pulled a day after the US made it. The Chinese revealed that it was single sourced to an unreliable foreigner and the US yanked it.

A few days later, the US Consulate here in Hong Kong issued a terra threat for US interests in Guangzhou. As I wrote about here local security interests pretty much laughed it off.

Interestingly yesterday's paper revealed that the US is offering money to international schools and other so-called soft targets in Hong Kong and China to buy things like bullet proof glass and other security items.

It's doubtful such things are necessary, but it'd be interesting to get a grasp on the real memos that prompted the US government to offer money to these institutions.

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