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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Italian Left Laments

The day started out with 5 percentage points to Romano Prodi's L'Unione but then the clouds moved in. It's now even-steven. A deadlock.

Over at Libertà and Giustizia (on the left sidebar), someone pens the Leftist's Lament:

Well, now we'll have to take it out on the mule-headed people who don't deserve us. Us! The ones who wanted to do them a favor and pull our flag out of the muck where the Right wing had flung it, to raise it proudly high again in the wind of prosperity. Us! The people who know what folks really need and who were willing to give it to them! Us! With our Tod's shoes, we thought we had won the corporation executives over to our side! Us! The people who proposed to restore the inheritance tax and to tax capital gains. Us! The people who promised happy days!

Then Berlusconi comes along and tells the muleheads, "I'll eliminate the municipal property tax", then "How can you be such coglioni not to understand that your interest lies in voting for me?" That gave him one vote in ten.

And us? We are coglioni, and proud, and proud to be coglioni, just waiting for some voter to show up at the polling station with a T-shirt emblazoned with "I am a Coglione"! What a fine show we put on!

But Berlusconi, he eliminates the municipal proptery tax and the capital gains tax on Government bonds or at least that's the message he sends. Us? We were going to tax Government bonds to close the fiscal gap. Well, the mulehead wants to know, what the hell is a fiscal gap and why should it be closed?... So we can have happy days! Well, mulehead knows how to count the change in his pocket and so he is going to go for not paying the municipal property tax. And how many muleheads made that reasoning?

Oh, yes, they're muleheads, those folks who voted for Berlusconi, while we were the ones who knew what they wanted. We were going to bring back the inheritance tax but only for those worth millions. Mulehead wants to know, "How many millions?" And we tell him "a lot"! We heard Fini and Fassino argue, but the mulehead lost interest. Another 2 per cent lost.

As long as we have muleheads, we can never win!


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