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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel bombs Lebanon's telecommunications infrastructure

Fifteen French and their families sheltering in the Christian port of Juniyeh were injured in the Israeli boming of the city.

The Israelis have apparently unleashed a bomb near a Catholic convent in Fatka, where hundreds of refugees, may of them French, have been welcomed. The blast blew out all the convent's windows and doors.

Israel also bombed two television and cellphone towers of Beirut and killed an employee of Lebanon's private TV broadcaster LBCI. TV towers owned by state-run Télé Liban as well as those of LBCI (on Mr. Sannince), al-Manar and the Hariri-owned Future TV were destroyed. Alfa Mobile's cellphone towers were also hit.

Telecommunications centers in nothern Lebanon --two in Fatka (in the Christian mountains of Kesrwan), Jabal Terbol and Jebel Aïtou-- were destroyed by the Israelis. These are major cellphone and television relay stations. An employee of Télé-Liban was wounded when Israelis destroyed another relay station in Fîh, in the area around Kura.

Israel has cut off the government of Lebanon from the people, as well as the people from the people. By targeting the emergency communication system, it has jeopardized evacuation, rescue and relief.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so whats the point..
i will give it to you a-holes straight up....Dont let terrorists take over your country and move in next door to you...end of message!!
di you think lezbollah cares if some towelhead gets killed in in house with all his family..THEY WANT YOU TO DIE MORONS>>>
so keep on hiding them terrorists,but you better be willing to take the heat!!!
American Man

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