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Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon refuses Catch 22 ceasefire

Lebanese President Lahoud and Assembly Speaker Nabih Berry (leader of the disarmed Shi'ite militia, Amal) have spurned Condoleeza Rice's ceasefire proposal as reported by al-Arabiya (Dubai). BTW, Berry has been designated spokesperson for Nasrallah. Condoleezza's offer is a real doozy, you might say:

Unconditional release of the two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah on July 12th (so far, so good, in terms of sanity) and a step by "influential Arab states" (this would mean Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) to persuade Syria to use its influence to release the two soldiers within 10 days (Israel has been given the green light from Washington for another 10 days of wreaking havoc and destruction on Lebanon) or Damascus will "face the consequences", which presumably means bombing (loss of all reason). Now the Catch 22: All Blood No Reason Israeli PM Olmert has declared that there is no room at the table for Syria in ongoing ceasefire negotiations.


Blogger blowback said...

Interesting statement from the Israelis in the Guardian.

Avi Dichter, the Israeli public security minister and former intelligence chief, said the offensive was aimed not at destroying Hizbullah but only preventing it returning to the border and attacking Israel. "From an Israeli perspective, the target is not to totally dismantle Hizbullah," he told reporters. "What we are doing now is to try to send a message to Hizbullah and to the Lebanese government ... hoping that somehow we'll succeed in setting up a new situation between Israel and Hizbullah."

To me this indicates that the Israelis know that they can't defeat let alone destroy Hezbollah but they are still going to demonstrate their overwelming firepower pour encourager les autres. If this is the case, then it shows just how fucked up the Israelis and Bush/Condi/Blair/etyc. really are

Also ICM poll showing much the british public disagree with Bush's Poodle on foreign affairs.

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