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Saturday, July 15, 2006

No converging horizons

History Unfolding's David Kaiser discusses generational legacy disconnect: the old guard in Palestine and in Israel are irrelevent. Moreover, Israel's delusion that bombing Beirut will force Arabs to disavow the armed wing of their aspirations is doomed. Washington's delusion that democracy imposed from above would induce the radicals to desist has set in motion forces that cannot be quelled within a lifetime. Kaiser suggests that the US population and their elite instead turn to introspection to save eroding institutions.

Former French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine, who had the extraordinary talent of reading the Middle East clearly, warned that if the post-IX_XI situation weren't handled carefully, no power, Saudi or Jordanian or Egyptian, would be able to withstand the radical wave. And so, after five years in the hands of George W. Bush, it is about to come to pass.

My condolences to the Lebanese and apologies for the nefarious bond between the United States of George W Bush and Israel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My condolences to my French extended family that suffered property losses and physical attacks at the hands of angry mobs of Arabs in France.

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