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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another day, another 155 deaths

Why is it that every day another American commits some heinous and shameful act of homicide and/or murder --not in his own home (although I'm sure there's plenty of that)-- but by preying upon someone else in grand public view?

Two thoughtless and arrogant US pilots flying in Brazil decided that they didn't have to follow their flight plan or remain at assigned altitute and thus wiped out 155 Braziliian innocents. Pilot Joseph Lepore and Copilot Jan Paul Paladino couldn't be arsed to obey flight regulations and clipped a Brazilian airliner. They now claim they lost radio control with Manaus (denied by the Brazilian authorities) and therefore they had the right to do as they pleased because, one assumes, there's a jungle in Brazil.


Anonymous Gag Halfrunt said...

Ask the Pilot in has a detailed discussion of this crash and says that there isn't enough information to determine what happened.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brazilian authorities have announced otherwise.

5:00 PM  

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