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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Friday, October 06, 2006

Reporter hunting a regular sport practiced by US forces in Iraq. Another body floats to the surface:

ITN's reporter Terry Lloyd, who was killed on 22 March 2003 in Iraq, was shot dead by US troops as he sought shelter. Nicholas Walshe told British justice officials that Lloyd was deliberately shot in the head. His Lebanese cameraman, Hussein Othman, was also killed and Belgian cameraman Daniel Demoustier wounded. French cameraman Fred Nérac remains missing. [Via AFP]

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