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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What I Witnessed in Rochester, NY

I, Nur al-Cubicle, do declare having witnessed the following:

An on-line special feature published by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in 2004 showing a wounded Marine who had his face blown off in Iraq, with only a mouth and two holes for a nose left, supported entirely by his mother. The story was wiped from the website within an hour.

Radio jamming. Any time some interviewee on NPR would lapse into a Chomsky-style rant against the immoral use of US power, the interview would be zappped.

A posse of ambulance drivers + vehicles disrupting a legal anti-Bush rally.

The airing by local radio stations of the worst and most rabid right-wing talk show hosts, despite the city's large black population and significant numbers of liberal urbanites.

There. I feel better now.


Blogger Pocho said...

Not uncommon Nur nor a new thing. I saw the same blanking in Selma, Alabama when the whole town was shut down and one would hardly know its brutality was the derisive object of external press. Movement kids not in jail joked "Here comes another gum commercial" in Jackson, Mississippi when one was to appear after network news began coverage of 1000 others of them in jail. The only way to hear a Pete Seeger song in a midwest town was when protestors sung them. SDS Weathermen breaking out Chicago's State Street upscale department store windows saw less press than the same stores' advertisements. And, we get the same here in Mexico. People in fancy duds shopping Gaudalajara's outskirt high class malls would hardly know teachers in the state of Oaxaca are barricading streets today as standoff for impending government attack. There may be some honest reporters out there among career concerned out and out wordsmith whores, but it is a long chain between reporter, editor, publisher, owner, advertiser, government, to companies doing so well they don't need to advertise, just pay off. And that Nur, is why we are here and do what we do. Thanks for your continuing part in that.

6:44 AM  

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