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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Government of Nuclear Proliferators

As I was channel surfing in the wee hours before bed, I wandered into C-Span where I happened to catch Congressmen David Wu (D-Oregon) and Dennis Kucinish (D-Ohio) giving short but passionate orations on the plan by the Republican-controlled Congress to see fissionable material to India, thereby igniting an arms race in Asia. The US is pushing India (whose nukes are in violation of the anti-Proliferation Treaty and winked at by Washington) to bulk up with more nuclear weapons (civilian use my ass).

The pair, valiantly IMHO, kept Congress in session until 02:00 am in an attempt to seize the what moral flotsam remains in the minds of the Grand Old Proliferators in order to turn their thoughts toward the future consequences of this irresponsible legislation. For now, Congress has adjourned and won't be back until November, when the Senate will consider the bill. Sigh, a few good men --with no power. God help us.

By the way, I recall the initial reaction of some Senators, including Republicans, when Bush came back to Washington from his trip to India with a deal for which the Legislative Branch was not consulted. At the time, there was some outrage and a hint from Senator Warner, I believe, that the idea would never win the approval of the Senate. Let us hope this is the case.

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Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“Senor della Vega, got your request re: Webb --but I don't have any readers from the Commonweath of Virginia”

Chère Lumière Carrée,

I’m sure you have plenty of readers in old Virginia!

Anyhoo, your modesty honors you.

And so does your “tatillon” respect of “state rights” and corollary disinclination towards any interference in extra-Floridian politics!

But I think you must look beyond the Panhandle’s beaches and Saint-Germain-des-Prés’
literary cafés

Jim Webb has become a truly national figure, forcing Nancy Reagan and Dick Cheney to come to George-Félïïiîx Allen’s rescue: as I said earlier, our security and the future of our civilization might both hang on the outcome of the Virginia senate race!

Moralité: Do the Right Thing! Add the Jim Webb icon/banner to your blog. It’s free. You’ll be doing a good deed. Yahweh will bless you. You’ll live longer. It will enhance your sex appeal… etc.

12:02 PM  

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