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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Do they really want to go there?

Israeli warplanes open fire as they overfly German naval patrol.

Two Six Israeli F-16 warplanes overflew a Germany Navy unit on patrol off the coast of Lebanon yesterday morning discharging two warning volleys then firing two infrared rockets to confuse the ship's anti-air defenses. The incident, reported by Deputy Defense Undersecretary Christian Schmidt to the Bundestag's Defense Committee, was denied by Israel. However the incident was also confirmed by German UNIFIL-II Command in Potsdam.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Germans say Rockets
Israelis say Flares

Israelis say they need to monitor HA resupply b/c UNIFIL ships can't get w/i 20 miles of coast

BUT w/ satellites that can read numbers and letters off license plates off motor vehicles, the argument falls flat.

Why do they provoke, because they can. It's just that simple.

Best Wishes

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now the truth comes out. Peretz says the overflights will continue until the captured Israeli soldiers are released. So it has nothing to do with Arms Smuggling. That was a pretext.

How do you tell the Israelis are lying, Their lips are moving.

Best Wishes

5:29 AM  
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