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Monday, December 11, 2006

Pinochet: Death of a Dictator

3,200 persons murdered, including 1,192 "desaparecidas", 40,000 tortured, and 300,000 political exiles. Of those murdered by DINA, only 46% had any history of political activism. To them, rest in peace.


Blogger BadTux said...

And yet, there are those who mourne the old dictator, who say that he was the savior of their nation. Perhaps in the same way that some Iraqis mourne the fact that Saddam is no longer their dictator... the majority of human monkeys, it seems, desire a strong alpha male leader and a troop of fellow monkeys to follow, and prefer stability under a dictatorship to instability as a free man.

Some days I have little hope for the human race...

8:31 PM  
Blogger Shutter said...

...and pin up boy of Margaret Thatcher.

12:29 AM  
Blogger USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
admire brutal dictators

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't kill the poor dictator

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
mourn evil tyrants...

12:22 AM  

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