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Friday, January 12, 2007

So this is sovereignty?

US troops, dropped by helicopter on the roof, barged into the Iranian Consulate in the Kurdish capital of Irbil and kidnapped detained its diplomats. Moreover, Irbil is a sovereignty within a sovereignty. It certainly compromises the Kurds, who have paid heavily for their friendship with the Islamic Republic.

16 Mar 1988: Iraq uses chemical weapons against Kurds supporting Iran in Halabja, killing 4000, an attack which begins the Anfal campaigns against Kurdish villages.

11 Mar 1970: Iraq deports 40,000 Shi‘a Faili Kurds from region of Khanqin & ‘Amara to Iran.

The US troops then took their prisoners to Irbil Airport, where they were surrounded by Peshmerga fighters. Presumably the Irbil goverment will not permit US troops to transport the Iranian diplomats elsewhere as a standoff lite continues...

Update: Ali Larijani, Secretary of the Iranian National Defense Council, is in Saudi Arabia for talks with King Abdallah and Prince Saud al-Faisal to discuss bilateral relations.

Update: Iranian diplomats held by the Korean contingent near Irbil Airport.


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