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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Update 2 March 07: Iran has not accepted. Moreover, it looks like the US plans on representation at the ambassadorial level, thus making it highly unlikely that the Iranian negotiator who counts, Ali Larijani, will not show up for this apparent low-level conference.

Well, George Bush is finally desperate enough to negotiate with Syria and Iran in a regional conference on Iraq security. It only took 100,000+ civilian dead, probably half a million wounded, US 3000 KIAs and another 20,000 severely wounded, 3 million refugees and a trillion dollars.

People like us could have produced tremendous savings, but our advice was ignored. Meanwhile, the French and the Russians have been calling for an international conference since late 2003. But some geostrategists have been saying it's now too late to do anything that doesn't hand victory to the jihadis, with further destabilization in the Middle East.

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Blogger hwang said...

that's not what it's about Nur. there's a split hi in the administration. there's even some people including uniformed officers ready to resign about bombing Irang.

Rice, Gates & sensible company took advantage of the Shooters absence (he won't come back until the Libby Jury returns a verdict) to pull a coup de conference.


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