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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Putin calls Bush's bluff on the "Missile Shield"

Take a look at this 26 April map of the Missile Shield deployment from Le Monde. Now any fool knows that 6 platforms in Eastern Europe, 5 in Poland (Orzysz, Slupsk, Ustka, Zegrze Pomorskie and Cziuchow) and 1 in the Czech Republic (Jince) = Russian, if not French and German, targets.

Now we'll see what Bush will do, that is, spurn the Russian offer for a joint missile platform in Azerbaijian, which would be more of less an admission of other aims than shooting down Shahabs. (As if there would ever be any logic in an Iranian nuclear strike on Europe...)

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Blogger ziz said...

"As if there would ever be logic in an Iranian nuclear strike on Europe"

of course there isa threat - well perhaps not as great a threat as to Israel but we all suffer the same threat so must stick together in disarming / bombing Iran, very, very quickly.

2:23 PM  

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