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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

9 October 2007 Events in Iraq

In downtown Baghdad's Karrada District, employees of Unity Resources Group, a BritishAustralian-staffed Dubai-owned security firm, executed two Christian women, Marou Awanis, a widowed "part-time taxi-driver trying to make ends meet and to pay for the education of her two children" and Geneva Latif for driving while Arab. Their car alone took 40 bullets.

Elsewhere, 33 people were killed and 120 were wounded in a wave of violence as the Turkish goverment repeated threats to invade Iraqi Kurdistant

In the industrial town of Bajii in Salaheddin Province, where the US is waging its war against "al-Qaeda", two suicide bombers attempted to assassinate a police chief and a tribal leader. However 19 people were killed as they drove their fuel trucks into the the residences of Colonel Saad al-Noufouss and Sheik Thamer Ibrahim Atallah, who was a member of the American-sponsored Salaheddin Awakening Council. Another 50 were seriously wounded. US troops immediately sealed off the town.

In Mosul in Nineveh Province, armed men assassinated police General Abdel al-Znoun Moubarak, the second in command of the province. A roadside bomb killed another police officer and wounded two others in the convoy.

In Baghdad, a booby-trapped car killed 8. In other parts of the capital 12 others were killed and 70 wounded.

An important Sunni cleric, Sheikh Hareth al-Dhari, called on the faithful not to support the US in its operations against "al-Qaeda".

In Ankara, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued contingency order to launch a punitive expedition into Iraqi Kurdistan following an ambush of 13 Turkish troops at the border on Sunday by PKK guerrillas.

In Washington, the White House is, according to Toby Dodge of IISS, "profoundly worried and unhappy" with the decision by PM Gordon Brown to draw down British troops levels in Iraq.


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