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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caught in the Vise

As we can all understand from the headlines coming out Iraq, the redeployment of US troops from Dilaya and Baquba to Basrah and Baghdad's Sadr City has only opened the floodgates for a bombing campaign by Sunni insurgents.

No one has suggested why the US has go to after the Sadr forces now. Moreover, we all know that the so-called Iraqi Army is largely Shi'a and going after other Shi'a while the Sunni insurgents are bombing their relatives was only going to produce this [Via the NYT]:

Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American’s Plea

"This episode was a blow to the American effort to push the Iraqis into the lead in the struggle to wrest control of parts of Sadr City from the Mahdi Army militia and what Americans and Iraqis say are Iranian-backed groups"


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