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Monday, June 14, 2004

14 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.15 Ramadi. 5 IRAQIS DEAD IN CLASHES WITH US TROOPS. Five iraqis were killed and seven wounded during clashes with US military in Ramadi.

19.31 London. 83 MILITARY WOMEN REPATRIATED BECAUSE OF PREGANCY. 1,700 British troops deployed to Iraq were sent home in the last couple of months, including 83 military women with pregnancy, says Lib Dem Paul Keetch: Breakdown is : 1,669 troops repatriated of whom 468 wounded, 587 with physical incapacity, 140 experiencing psychiatric disturbances and 83 for pregnancy.

19.15 Strasbourg. EU MAY SEND ENVOY TO BAGDAD. Proposal put forward by Chris Patten and Javier Solana to appoint an EU representative is welcomed by EU foreign ministers.

18.50 New York. NYT; US TROOPS REPORTED ABUSE AND TORTURE IN NOVEMBER. A small military intelligence unit reported violence and torture used against prisioners at Abu Ghraib, two months before Pentagon investigation.

18.45 Cairo. KOFI ANNAN ASKS ISLAMIC COUNTRIES TO SUPPORT NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT. UN Secretary General address the Organization of Islamic Conferences and asks for support for the new government.

18.20 Karbala. SADR AIDE ARRESTED. Seyed Ahmed Redha al-Husseini was arrested by US troops after a raid on his residence where $3500 in cash was found. [That's chickenfeed].

18.10 Strasbourg. EU FOREIGN MINISTER PROMISES RECONSTRUCTION AID TO IRAQ. Aid promised by EU to enable Iraq to reenter international community.

18.05 Baghdad. AL YAWAR, WE WILL NOT DEMOLISH ABU GHRAIB. Iraqi President Ghazi Mashaal Al Yawar says Iraq does not have to funds to build a new prison.

17.44 London. TORTURE, FOUR BRITISH SOLDIERS TO FACE COURT MARTIAL Photos to be used as evidence.

17.35 Dubai. IRAQI INTERIOR MINISTRY: BAGHDAD CARBOMB THE WORK OF FOREIGNERS. Interior Minister Falah al Naqib tells Al Arabiya TV says information points to foreigner behind the carbomb that killed 16 in Baghdad.

17.20 Washington. WASHINGTON POST: HALLIBURTON, CHARGES AGAINST CHENEY. In the fall of 2002, a high-ranking Defense Dept official contacted Halliburton to arrange for reconstruction contracts for Iraqi oilfields and gave Dick Cheney's name as a close collaborator. Californian Congressman Henry Waxman believes Cheney had a direct role in selecting Halliburton.

16.42 Washington. TORTURE, PRELIMINARY COURT MARTIAL HEARINGS NEXT WEEK. Preliminary hearings for courts martial concerning Abu Ghraib scandal to being next week. Sergeants Jalal Davis and Ivan Frederick and Corporal Charles Graner will appear 21 and 23 June in Baghdad; Sabrina Harman on 24 June. Court martial for Lynndie England to being 22 June at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

16.29 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, DEATH TOLL CLIMBS TO 16. Car bombing struck a convoy of foreign electrical workers near the Green Zone.

16.19 Nassiriya. PRISON OPENS WITH SHOWERS AND TOILETS. Barbara Contini, CPA Governor of Dhi Qar Province, presides over ceremonies with General Corrado Dalzini, Commander, Italian joint task force Iraq, Iraqi Police General Abnur, and Provincial Chief Sabri Al Rumaid.

16.05 Baghdad. INTERIM GOVERNMENT TO DEMAND REVOCATION OF CONTRACTOR IMMUNITY. The Iraqi "ad interim" government will demand revocation of immunity for the 20 thousand foreign "contractors" in Mesopotamia, against the wishes of the United States.

16.02 Kirkuk. POLICE GENERAL ESCAPES ASSASSINATION,2 WOUNDED. An Iraqi Police general escapes with his life in Kirkuk. Unknown gunmen fired at my car as I arrived at my residence in the officers' quarters in the middle of town; 2 of my escorts were wounded, says General Hazem Khazraji.


15.36 Istanbul. ORGANIZATION OF ISLAMIC CONFERENCES PASSES VOTE OF CONFIDENCE ON NEW BAGHDAD GOVERNMENT. Lakhdar Brahimi in attendance at conference makes announcement in Istanbul.

15.34 Baghdad. POSTPONEMENT OF US-BACKED PROJECTS HURTS OIL PRODUCTION. The postponement of projects financed by US capital to repair Iraq's oil industry are hurting Iraqi oil production, says Iraqi Oil Mininster.

15.32 Baghdad. IRAQ, NEW VISA RESTRICTIONS GO INTO EFFECT. Iraq will impose visa restrictions at the end of the month says Interior Minister Hasan Al-Naqeeb.

15.29 Baghdad. FIVE KURDISH RECRUITS KILLED AND BODIES BURNED. Five Kurdish recruits in the new Iraqi Army were killed and their bodies burned by unknown assailants north of Baghdad.

13.59 Baghdad. US DEMANDS IMMUNITY. The new Iraqi government will resist immunity demanded by the USA for American civilian contractors.

13.51 Tokyo. JAPANESE TROOPS TO REMAIN UNTIL 30 JUNE. PM Junichiro Koizumi announces troops will complete peacekeeping mission by 30 June.

13.43 Fallujah. US MILITARY DELEGATION PROMISES AID. A US military delegation met with Falluja leaders and promised aid for reconstruction.

13.29 Baghdad. FIRST PLAY DEPICTING FALL OF SADDAM OPENS. Directors Fathi Zain Al Abidin and Raji Abdul Husain receive death threats but go ahead with play about dissident who lived in an underground bunker. Play tells the real-life story of Jawad, an Iraqi Shi'ite who refused to take up arms against his Muslim brothers.

13.26 Geneva. RED CROSS TELLS USA, CHARGE SADDAM OR LIBERATE HIM. The Red Cross issues ultimatum to the US: international law required that the US either charge Saddam before 30 June or free him.

13.21 Kuwait City. AL-QAEDA CONTROLS AL-WANDA. Al-Qaeda fighters are reported by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai Al-Amm to control Al-Wanda, near Falluja, They are said to traffic in petroleum and arms.


11.12 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING VICTIMS . Sky News says two British, one Frenchman, one American and a Philippino were killed.


10.30 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, ALLAWI CONFIRMS DEATH OF FIVE FOREIGNERS. PM Iyad Allawi gives press conference following attack.

10.10 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, MERCENARIES KILLED. At least four of the dead are foreign security contractors.

09.58 Baghdad. 600 PRISONERS FREED FROM ABU GHRAIB. Another 2400 prisoners to be liberated before 30 June. Iraqi Justice Minister Malek Dohan Al Hassan says Iraq government will review cases of remaning prisoners.

09.28 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING TARGETS CPA CONVOY. CPA convoy hit as it exits the east gate of the Green Zone.

09.08 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, THREE CIVILIANS KILLED. Bombing in downtown Baghdad kills passengers in convoy.

08.24 Baghdad. CAR BOMB HITS CONVOY OF FOREIGNERS. This morning's car bomb goes off in crowded street and kills 12 . Convoy was composed of civilian vehicles carrying foreigners. The conflagration damaged an office building in the vicinity.

08.14 Baghdad. CAR BOMB: 12 DEAD. Most victims are said to be Iraqi. Al Arabiya TV reports 12 dead with an unknown number of victims inside a nearby office building damaged by blast.


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