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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

9 June 2004 Events in Iraq

18.40 Amara. IRAQI JOURNALIST KILLED BY UNKNOWN ASSAILANTS. An 'Al-Iraqiya' TV journalist was killed today in Amara, west of Baghdad. The correspondent, Muhammad Hussein, was shot by unknown assailants. On 20 April another TV correspondent, Asaad Kadhim, and his driver were killed in error by US troops. Created in May 2003 by the CPA, Al Iraqiya is operated by Iraq Media Network which replaced Iraqi state radio and TV.

17.53 New York. UN, ABU DHABI AND DOHA APPROVE RESOLUTION. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have welcomed UN Security Council Resolution No. 1546 on the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq and have urged Iraqis to "turn the page on differences, dissent and violence to reestablish law and order in the country." The Abu Dhabi Foreign Minister declared the unianimous approval by all 15 members of the Security Council grants international legitimacy to the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq. In Doha, the Council of Ministers affirmed that Resultion 1546 is "real step towards the reestablishment of sovereignty, independence and control over the natural resources."

16.40 Khales. PROTEST MARCH AGAINST IRANIAN MUJAHEDIN. The residents of the Iraqi city of Khales, on the frontier with Iraq, demonstrated against the presence of Iranian mujahedin, opponents of the ayatollahs, who moved to Iraq in 1981 by invitation of Saddam Hussein and demanded their removal. Confined to the Ashraf military base after the fall of Saddam, the mujahedin have been declared a terrorist organization by the US Department of State and the European Union.

14.27 Baghdad. US CONVOY ATTACKED. A US convoy came under small arms fire east of Baghdad. The drivers of two vehicles, both contractual employees, were wounded. Meanwhile in the Al Rashid quarter of Baghdad, a local politician was wounded and two of his bodyguards were killed in an ambush.

14.16 Washington. FIVE THOUSAND MORE MARINES TRANSFERRED TO IRAQ. Troop totals to reach 145 thousand this fall.

13.58 New York. NYT REPORTS THAT ALLAWI ORGANIZED TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST SADDAM HUSSEIN'S REGIME. In the first half of the '90s, Ilyad Allawi, ran a terrorist organization linked to the CIA which coordinated several terrorist attacks in Iraq. According to sources, the attacks, one of which was a bombing of a cinema, caused numerous civilian victims.

13.33 Fallujah. SEVEN NEW TURKISH HOSTAGES. Seven Turkish workmen were kidnapped by Iraq Armed Resistance.

13.23 Strasbourg. EU RECOMMENDS 3-POINT PLAN FOR IRAQ. The European Commission has proposed a new framework for relations between the EU and Iraq.

12.37 Washington. BUSH WANTS NATO TRAINERS SENT TO IRAQ. US President George W. Bush wants to send NATO military to Iraq to train Iraqi security forces. German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder expressed some support for the idea.

12.30 Al-Suwayrah. MORTAR ATTACK CAUSED EXPLOSION. The explosion which killed six Coalition troops (3 Slovaks, 2 Poles and 1 Estonian) in Al-Suwayrah south of Baghdad during a demining operation was probably caused by mortar fire, says Polish Vice Dfense Mininster Janusz Zemke.


12.08 Fallujah. US ARMORED VEHICLES POISED TO ENTER CITY. Fifteen American armored vehicles were positioned this morning outside the city.

11.52 Strasbourg. EU PRESIDENT SAYS RESOLUTION WILL STABILIZE IRAQ. Irish Premier Bertie Ahern says resolution will help solve crisis.

11.45 Kirkuk. SECOND ATTACK ON OIL PIPELINE. For the second time in 24 hours, the Kirkuk to Ceyhan oil pipeline was sabotaged. This is the third attack since Sunday.

11.29 Baghdad. UN RESOLUTION, KURDISH APPOINTEES MAY RESIGN. The Kurdish members of the interim government will quit if their leaders ask them to do so, says Iraqi Public Works Minister Nasrin Berwari, a Kurd.

11.12 Karbala. DUTCH CONVOY ATTACKED. A roadside bomb exploded near Karbala, 110 km south of Baghdad, as a Dutch convoy passed nearby.

11.00 Fallujah. SECURITY FORCES ATTACKED IN FALLUJA. Mortar fire was directed against the building housing Iraq security forces and General Mohammed Latif. There are numerous victims.

10.45 Baghdad. CONVOY ATTACKED Armed men open fire on a military truck.

10.30 Baghdad. TRUCK ON FIRE IN AL-KHADRA QUARTER IN NORTHWEST BAGHDAD. US convoy truck burns as firemen attempt to put out blaze. The US soldier at the wheel escapes in a second vehicle. A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the truck.

10.10 Baiji. KEY OIL PIPELINE SABOTAGED. A key pipeline running between an electrical power station and the Baiji Refinery, 200 km north of Baghdad, was sabotaged during the night.

09.10 Baquba. TWO IRAQIS KILLED AS THEY POSITION BOMB. Two Iraqis were killed in Baquba as they positioned a roadside bomb.

09.00 Moscow. RUSSIA REITERATES REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN MULTINATIONAL FORCE. Russian government repeats vow not to participate in the multinational force planned for Iraq.

01.20 Baghdad. INTERIM PRESIDENT TO ATTEND G8. Just a few hours after approval of the new UN resolution, Iraqi Interim President Ghazi al-Yawar arrives in Sea Island, Georgia.


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