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Monday, August 23, 2004

23 August 2004 Events in Iraq

Still 'razing' the dead in Najaf.

16.53 Najaf. US FORCES ADVANCE ON SHRINE. US forces continue their advance toward the shrine of Ali. Tanks are 200 meters from the compound,

16.01 Washington. WHITEHOUSE PHONES KREMLIN. President George W. Bush phones Vladimir Putin to discuss Iraq crisis.

15.34 Katmandu. NEPAL TO IRAQI INSURGENTS: "RELEASE OUR HOSTAGES". The Government of Nepal has issued a plea on al-Jazeera for the release of 12 Nepalese hostages taken last Friday. FM Prakash Sharan Mahat emphasized that they had been in Iraq for years and that Nepal rejected the invitation to deploy its troops in Iraq.

14.42 Kabala. ABANDONED CAR YIELDS WEAPONS CACHE. Bulgarian troops find artillery shells, grenades, grenade launchers and light arms in an abandoned car.

13.40 Basrah. GUERRILLA ACTION IN BASRAH. A police official was assassinated in Basrah.

13:35 Kirkuk. KURDISH POLITICAL LEADER KILLED. Two separate attacks near Kirkuk assassinated a Kurdish politician, Shezad Hussein Ali al-Jabari, at the wheel of his car and wounded a civilian.


12.35 Kuala Lumpur. OIC DEMANDS UN INTERVENTION IN NAJAF. Malaysia, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Organization of Islamic Conferrences, has demanded UN intervention in Najaf. Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, OIC President, says the continuing conflict in Najaf will destabilize Iraq and threaten the 2005 elections.

12.15 Rome. BALDONI FAMILY ASKS FOR MEDIATION OF THE RED CROSS. The family of kidnapped journalist Enzo Baldoni has asked for help from the Red Cross.

11.53 Mosul. ONE PHILIPPINO AND ONE INDONESIAN KILLED. The two foreigners were attacked in their car near Mosul.

11.50 Teheran. KHATAMI (IRAN): "CARETAKER IRAQI GOVERNMENT MAY LOSE LEGITIMACY". Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, says the support of the Iraqi government of US operations against the rebels led by al-Sadr in the holy city of Najaf will cause the caretaker government to lose all consensus and legitimacy in the eyes of the Iraqi people.

11.30 Najaf. NATIONAL CONFERENCE AWAITS RESPONSE FROM AL SADR ON DEPARTURE FROM NAJAF. The delegation of the Iraqi National Conference, which went to Najaf last week to meet with radical Shi'ite leader Moqtada Sadr, says it is still awaiting his response on a withdrawal from the Shrine of Ali.".

10.35 Najaf. FRENCH REPORTER CONFIRMS DAMAGE TO SHRINE OF ALI. An AFP reporter in Najaf confirms that a rocket demolished a wall of the sacred compound. There is a hole six feet wide and one foot deep in the western wall of the compound.

10.30 Tikrit. AMBUSH IN TIKRIT, THREE DEAD. One Turk and two Iraqis working as laborers repairing a bridge were killed in an ambush.

9.20 Basrah. SOUTHERN PIPELINE REOPENED. Iraqi security forces supported by US troops patrol pipeline

8.20 Najaf. SADR SPOKESMAN. Responsibility for security of the Shrine of Ali will be handed over to the religious authorities of the holy city of Najaf, says Sheikh Ahmed al-Sheibani, adding that if US troops return to their bases, the militia will resume "normal civilian life."

7.30 Najaf. VIOLENT COMBAT. Violent combat continues around the Shrine of Ali, after an attack by an Ac-130 then by US assault helicopters.


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