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Saturday, August 14, 2004

14 August 2004 Events in Iraq

So it is a war on Islam, after some bloggers have said, Cromwell on the Euphrates.

16.23 Baghdad. IRAQI GOVERNMENT ORDERS NEW OFFENSIVE ON NAJAF. Security Advisor Mowaffaq Al Rubaie declares that the government has done everything possible for a peaceful solution.

15.48 Baghdad. CLASHES BETWEEN AMERICANS AND REBELS. Automatic rifle and machine gun fire were heard in Baghdad betweem a mosque and a Sunni cemetery when guerrillas opened fire on US armored vehicles as they patrolled the neighborhood with loudspeakers ordering residents indoors.

15.45 Najaf. SADR: ALLAWI TO BLAME FOR COLLAPSE OF NEGOTIATIONS. A spokesman for Moqtada al-Sadr says Iraqi Premier Iyad Allawi is at fault.

15.39 Najaf. SADR WILLING TO ACCEPT UN FORCE. The Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr is prepared to accept the intervention of UN peacekeepers. "We prefer the UN to the occupation forces because Iraq is a member of the UN.", says Sadr spokesman Ahmed al Shaibani. "There's a big difference between UN troops and the occupation."

15.10 Najaf. NEGOTIATIONS COLLAPSE. No peace in sight for Najaf: Negotiations to end the violent clashes in Najaf between supporters of Imam Moqtada al Sadr and US troops, says Iraqi Security Advisor Muwafaq al-Rubai.

13.20 Kirkuk. OIL EXPORTS RESUME IN NORTH. Export of oil from the Kirkuk fields resumed this morning.

12.45 - Ramadi. THREE IRAQIS KILLED. Hospital sources say three Iraqis died in a firefight between guerrillas and US troops in the Sunni city of Ramadi, 100 km west of Baghdad.

11.00 Hilla. CALM RESTORED. SIEGE BROKEN, POLES RETURN TO BASE. Calm has returned to Hilla in southern Iraq after violent nighttime clashed between guerrillas and Polish troops supported by local police.

09.43 Hilla. 40 GUERRILLAS KILLED IN CLASHES IN HILLA. Iraqi Interior Minister says 40 guerrillas and 3 police were killed in Hilla.

08.57 Samarra. US SAYS IT KILLED 50 GUERRILLAS IN AIRSTRIKE. US kills 50 Iraqis in airstrikes on the city of Samarra (north of Baghdad).

08.40 Najaf. THOUSANDS OF SADR SUPPORTERS AT ENTRANCE TO NAJAF. Thousands of supporters of radical Shi'ite Moqtada Sadr have arrived at the gates of the holy city.

08.35 Hilla. BATTLE FOR POLICE STATION CONTINUES. Iraqi police and Polish troops fend off guerrillas in attack on police station.

08.20 Basrah. SOUTHERN OIL PIPELINE CLOSES. Iraq's main southern pipeline has been shut down out of fear of sabotage.

08.15 Samarra. DOZENS OF DEAD AND WOUNDED SAMARRA AND HILLA. 13 people were killed Samarra and 84 are wounded. In Hilla, 8 are dead and 33 wounded.

08.00 Ramadi TWO US SOLDIERS DIE AL-ANBAR PROVINCE. Two US military personnel were killed last night in al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.


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