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Monday, August 09, 2004

9 August 2004 Events in Iraq

Boom! Rat-a-tat-tat. And still no information in the US press about the operations in Al Anbar Province which have killed a number of Marines.

19:30 Al Hillah. POLAND RELINQUISHES COMMAND OF SECTOR. Poland has turned over the command for the South-Central portion of Iraq to the US.

19.29 Al Başrah. BRITISH SOLDIER KILLED IN BASRAH. UK solider killed during clashes with Shi'ite militia.

19.18 An Najaf KOFI ANNAN DEMANDS CEASE-FIRE IN NAJAF. UN Secretary General calls for a cease-fire in Najaf.

19.04 An Nāşirīyah. CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS CANCELLED Despite the relative calm in Nassiriya, municipal elections have been cancelled. In the meantime, a Romanian patrol was attacked with machine gun fire on the highway between Nassiriya and Sūk ash Shuyūk.

18.27 Ad Dīwānīyah. COMBAT. The Mahdi Army combats Iraqi security around the offices of the Governor 180 km south of Baghdad.

18.21 An Najaf. TRUCE IN NAJAF TO AID WOUNDED. The Mahdi Army has accepted a brief truce in Najaf to aid wounded.

18.19 Al Başrah. PIPELINES SHUT DOWN UNTIL SADR'S INSURRECTON END. Oil pipelines in southern Iraq have been shut down until Al Sadr insurrection ends.

18.13 An Najaf. MAHDI ARMY ACCEPTS TRUCE IN NAJAF. A 24-hour truce has been proclaimed in Najaf.

18.11 Al Başrah. UK TROOPS ATTACKED. Five UK troops are wounded in southern Iraq.

18.06 An Najaf. 280 MILITANTS ARRESTED IN NAJAF. Iraqi Police General Ghaleb al-Jazairi says his men have arrested 280 militants.

17.52 Al Başrah. OIL EXPORTS HALTED FOR SECURITY REASONS. "We have suspending drilling until further notice", says oil industry spokesman.

17.51 Baghdad. IRAQI POLICE GENERAL KIDNAPPED. Brigadier General Ràad Mohammed Khadr has been kidnapped by guerrillas.

17.35 Eugene. TORTURE, US NEWSPAPER SHOWS NEW PICTURES. New examples of prisoner abuse have been printed by a West Coast newspaper. According to The Oregonian, prisioners were abused by the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

17.31 Al Başrah. OIL DRILLING SUSPENDED IN SOUTHERN IRAQ. Shi'ite militia threatens to attack oil installations in southern Iraq.

17.06 Baghdad. TORTURE TRIAL OF LYNNDIE ENGLAND SUSPENDED. Preliminary hearing on hold.

16.51 Sofia. EXECUTION OF BULGARIAN SHOWN ON WEB NOT CONFIRMED BY SOFIA. Web video shows execution of Bulgarian hostage by Tawhid wa al Jihad.

16.16 Baghdad. GROUP LINKED TO AL ZARQAWI CLAIMS CREDIT FOR BAQUBA CARBOMBING. An Islamic internet site prints communique from group linked to Al-Zarqawi claiming credit for this morning's carbombing in Ba’qūbah which killed six.

16.07 Al Başrah. FIREFIGHT BETWEEN UK FORCES AND IRAQIS. The streets of Basrah have become the scene of fighting between guerrillas and UK troops. A British military convoy has been attacked. The situation is extremely tense.

15.50 Baghdad. DEFENSE MINISTER SAYS IRAN IS ARMING SHI'ITE GUERRILLAS. Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim al-Shalaan says Iran arming guerrillas. We have found arms manufactured in Iran in the hand of the criminals Najaf.

15.25 Oslo. MULLAH KREKAR RISKS EXTRADITION. Mullah Krekar, a Kurdish leader and founder of Ansar al-Islam, may be extradited from Norwey to Iraq despite the restoration of the death penalty, says Regional Governor Erna Solberg.

14.11 Baghdad. IDENTITY OF POLICE HOSTAGE REVEALED. Raad Mohammad Khudr has been kidnapped by militants supporting Al-Sadr. He is a police brigadier general and commander of the Rasafa police barracks in Baghdad.

14.10 Baghdad. MORTAR ROUNDS HIT MINISTRY OF ENERGY. Mortar rounds hit the Ministry of Energy and other government buildings in downtown Baghdad. The building is close to Sadr City. The Water Resources Ministry was also hit.

14.08 Doha. AL JAZEERA SHOWS VIDEO OF POLICE HOSTAGE, Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera has show the video of a kidnapped police officer.

13.41 Al Fallūjah. EXPLOSION RIPS BUS OUTSIDE CITY, 4 KILLED. A explosion tore apart a civilian bus near the village of Al Khālidīyah, near Al Fallūjah.

12.48 Baghdad. GOVERNMENT IMPOSES CURFEW ON SHI'ITE QUARTER OF BAGHDAD. The curfew is in effect from 4:00 pm in the afternoon until 8:00 am in the morning.

12.32 Al Musayyib. ATTACK KILLS IRAQ POLICE COMMANDER. An Iraqi police commander was killed in Al Musayyib, 50 km south of Baghdad

12.16 Baghdad. IF CHALABI RETURNS TO IRAQ HE WILL BE ARRESTED. Ahmed Chalabi and his nephew, Salem Chalabi, will be arrested if they return to Iraq, says Iraqi judge Zuheir al-Maliki.

12.00 Baghdad. THREE MORTAR ROUNDS HIT MINISTRY OF OIL. Three mortar rounds have hit the Oil Ministry in Baghdad causing damage but no casualties. One round hit the third floor and destroyed a car in the parking lot. The other two landed on the premises but did not hit the building.

11.48 An Najaf. US CLAIMS 360 MILITANTS KILLED IN NAJAF. US military sources say they killed 360 Sadr militiamen in clashes in Najaf.

11.20 An Najaf. IRAN SUPPLIES ARMS TO REBELS. Shi'ite militias in Najaf are being armed by Iran says Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim al-Shalaan.

11.19 London. SALEM CHALABI SAYS ACCUSATION RIDICULOUS. Salem Chalabi dismissed the charge against him for the homicide of Haithem Fadhil calling it ridiculous.

11.09 London. UK WILL NOT EXTRADITE CHALABI. The Foreign Office says it will not extradite Salem Chalabi, nephew of Ahmed Chalabi to Iraq.

10.45 An Najaf. SADR, MILITIAMEN ARE FREE TO LEAVE. "I do not oblige anyone to remain in Najaf, Those who wish to continue the resistance are welcome and those who wish to leave may do so," says Moqtada Sadr.

10.26 Manila. PHILIPPINES WANTS TO MEND RELATIONS WITH US. Philippines Foreign Minister Delia Albert offers non-military aid for the reconstruction of Iraq.

10.23 Teheran. IRANIAN DIPLOMAT ALIVE AND WELL. Fereydun Jahani, the Iranian diplomat kidnapped Wednesday while travelling to Karbalā, where he was to have opened an consulate is alive and well, says Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi.

09.40 An Najaf. AL SADR: "I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT". Moqtada Al Sadr says he will continue to "resist the occupation of Najaf to my last drop of blood".

09.10 Al Başrah. BRITISH TROOPS ATTACKED. British troops were attacked in southern Iraq. In Basrah mortar rounds were fired at a British base while in Amara a British patrol was fired upon with automatic weapons and RPGs.

08.15 An Najaf. NEW CLASHES IN NAJAF. Violent combat continued in An Najaf for the fifth consecutive day. US is employing attack helicopters, machine guns and tank cannons.

07.50 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS IN BAGHDAD. A series of explosions was heard near Sadr City.

07.30 Ba’qūbah. CARBOMB: SIX DEAD. Six people were killed in a carbombing in Baquba. Amond the wounded is Akeel Hamid, deputy governor of the province.

07.20 Al Anbār. US SOLDIER KILLED. A marine was killed yesterday in operations in Al Anbār Province.


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