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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

2 August 2004 Events in Iraq

18.36 An Najaf. SADR RESIDENCE BESIEGED FOR ONE HOUR. After a one-hour gunbattle, US troops pulled back from Al Sadr's residence. One woman was killed and three men wounded. As US troops approached the residence before the standoff in the al-Zahra quarter, militiamen rushed in to defend the cleric.

18.14 Baghdad. IRAQ RESTORES DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH KUWAIT. Announcement occurs after visit of Iraqi premier Iyad Allawi to Kuwait City.

18.00 An Najaf. US STANDOFF WITH AL SADR: MILITIAMEN RUSH TO DEFENSE. As US troops drew up to Al Sadr's residence, militiamen opened fire. The al-Zahra quarter of Najaf has been closed off.


16.00 Baghdad. ULEMA DEMANDS LIBERATION OF ALL HOSTAGES. Sunni cleric and sheik Mohamed Bachar al-Faissi makes demand in press conference.

14.00 Ankara. TURKISH TRUCKERS SUSPEND DELIVERIES TO US TROOPS. A Turkish truckers' association has decided to suspend deliveries to US troops in Iraq following the execution of a Turkish citizen kidnapped this morning.

13.20 An Najaf. SADR CONDEMNS CHURCH BOMBINGS. Moqtada Sadr has condemned yesterday's church bombings, says spokesman Ahmed al-Shabani.

13.16 Berlin. NATO: GERMANY WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING IRAQI FORCES. Government spokesman Thomas Steg repeats that Germany will not participate in training Iraqi forces in Iraq but has not excluded that some Iraqi officers may be trained at the Bundeswehr Academy (German military academy).

13.05 Baghdad. EMBASSY CONFIRMS EXECUTION OF TURKISH HOSTAGE. Iraqi militants have executed Turkish hostage says Turkish Embassy official in Baghdad.

12.55 Vatian City,. POPE SENDS CONDOLENCES TO IRAQI CATHOLICS. The Pope has expressed his desire to be "close to Iraqi Catholics who have been so cruelly tested" by yesterday's bombings in a message to the Chaldean Patriarch of Babylonia and Head of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in Iraq, Emmanuel III Delly. The Pope has instructed the bishops to express to pastors and their congregations his complete solidarity in this hour of suffering and deplores the unjust violence against parishoners whose sole intention was to coooperate in seeking peace and reconciliation for the country.

12.20 Ankara. UNABLE TO CONFIRM IDENTITY OF TURKISH HOSTAGE. There is doubt surrounding a video file downloaded from an Islamic website showing theexecution of a Turkish hostage by the group, 'Tawhid and Jihad' lead by Abu Mussab al Zarkawi. There is no date displayed in the video and the authenticity of the images cannot be confirmed.

12.07 Baghdad. CHURCH BOMBINGS: CARMELITES TO REMAIN "Rumors of bombings have been circulating for at least four months", says Fr. Manuel Hernandez, a Carmelite who has chosen to remain in Baghdad. They hit the churches hoping to get religious orders to leave Iraq. But we won't be leaving; we will not abandon the the people of Iraq. Everyone is the target of bombs and we are consoled in knowing that in facing danger we are united with the Iraqi people.

12.03 Kiev. UKRAINE TO REDUCE TROOP PRESENCE. Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovitch has annonced his country will reduce troop strength in Iraq where 1,600 Ukrainian troops are deployed.

11.35 Rome. CHURCH BOMBINGS: CHIEF RABBI CONVEYS MESSAGE TO VATICAN. Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni of Rome has sent a telegram to the Vatican Secretary of State concerning the attacks on Christian churches in Iraq. "We express our deepest concern and share your sadness"

11.30 Baghdad. CHURCH BOMBINGS: SAINT ELIAS EVACUATED IN TIME. The Church of Saint Elias in the Jedida Quarter of southeast Baghdad was evacuated in advance of the bombing after having received information that suspect vehicles were seen outside the building.

11.15 Copenhagen. TORTURE, DANISH OFFICER INVESTIGATED. An officer in the Danish security services is being investigated for suspected abuse of prisoners in Iraq. The news, reported by the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet, has been confirmed by the Army high command. The officer has been accused by enlisted men of withholding food and water from detainees and tying them down in painful positions for hours.

10.49 Ankara. PHOTOS OF SLAIN TURK ON INTERNET. An Islamic site has published a series of photos showing excution of hostage.

10.30 An Najaf. SHI'A CLERIC CONDEMNS CHURCH BOMBINGS. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani condemns yesterday's church bombings. In the criminal campaign to destroy national unity, independence and stability several churches were bombed yesterday causing scores of innocent victims. We denounce these criminal acts. We must all work together, both as a government and as a people, to end these attacks on our country.

10.15 Baghdad. ZARQAWI MILITIA ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF SOMALI HOSTAGE. A militia led by Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi released Somali hostage Ahmed Moussa after his Kuwaiti employers ends operations in Iraq.

08.50 Baghdad. CHALDEAN PATRIARCH: CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS MUST WORK TOGETHER. Chaldean Patriarch Emmanuel Delly calls for cooperation.

08.10 Baghdad. SUNNI CLERIC ARRESTED. The chief of public relations of the Committee of Sunni Ulema, Muthana al Thari, son of Hareth al Thari, Secretary General of the organization, was arrested with his bodyguards by US troops as he arrived at the Umm al Quraa Mosque.

08.00 Baghdad. IRAQI GOVERNMENT ACCUSES AL ZARQAWI. Interior Minister Mowaffaq al-Rubaie says church bombings are the work of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

06.00 Baghdad. CHUCH BOMBINGS: DEATH TOLL REVISED. The Baghdad church bombings caused 10 fatalities and 40 wounded.


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