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Monday, July 19, 2004

19 July 2004 Events in Iraq

20.04 Khaldiyah. IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMAN AND ONE CIVILIAN KILLED. Bodies found in town west of Ramadi

18.41 Baghdad. DEFENSE CONTRACTS MOTIVE FOR DEFENSE OFFICIAL SLAYING. Multibillion dollar defense contracts may be behind slaying of the Director General of the Defense Ministry. Issam Jassem Qassim, 55, was killed together with his bodyguard as he arrived home by four men traveling in a white GM Opel with no tags.


15.50 Baghdad. PHILIPPINO TROOPS COMPLETE PULLOUT. Iraqi security forces confirm pullout.

15.49 Basrah. BRITISH HELICOPTER DOWNED IN BASRAH. A British military helicopter went down near Basrah, killing one solider and wounding another. The cause has not been determined.

13.50 Baghdad. DEFENSE MINISTRY DIRECTOR GENERAL ASSASSINATED. Issam Jassem Kadhem was assassinated as he arrived at his home.

13.42 Baghdad. POLICE BARRACKS TRUCKBOMBING, CROWD CHEERS SADDAM. Scores of people reacted to this morning's rush hour truck bombing with dancing in the streets, songs praising Saddam Hussein and insults aimed at the United States and its coalition partners.

13.17 Amman. ALLAWI MAKES OFFICIAL VISIT TO JORDAN. Prime Minister Iyad Allawi arrived in Jordan for an official visit and was accompanied by eight members of the interim government. Talks will focus on border security issues and foreign debt.

12.40 Baghdad. 43 AMBASSADORS NAMED. Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari announced the appointment of 43 Iraqi ambassadors. Their credentials have not yet been accepted by the host nations.

12.16 Manila. PHILIPPINO CONTINGENT TERMINATES MISSION. Foreign Minister Delia Albert says the Philippines contingent has abandoned its headquarters in the Province of Babil. The mission was ended one month early due to the kidnapping of Angelo de la Cruz.

11.41 Baghdad. AUSTRALIAN JOURNALIST CONFIRMS THAT ALLAWI EXECUTED PRISONERS. The Australian journalist who reported the accusations against Premier Iyad Allawi of having killed six prisoners in cold blood today defended his story and his sources after Baghdad denied the event.

11.34 Baghdad. TRUCKBOMB IN BAGHDAD, 10 DEAD AND 68 WOUNDED. The suicide tanker truck bomb this morning targeting a police station in southern Baghdad killed ten and wounded 68. Many of the wounded are in critical condition.

10.45 Ramadi. POLICE OFFICERS KIDNAPPED IN FALLUJAH AND RAMADI EXECUTED. Police officer Nafi al Kubaisi, kidnapped in Fallujah, was executed by extremists. Al Iraqyia radio says another kidnapped officer was found dead in Ramadi.

10.20 Baghdad. JUSTICE MINISTER MAKES REQUEST FOR STATE OF EMERGENCY. Justice Minister Malek Dohan Al Hassan, who escaped an assassination attempt in Baghdad two days go which killed five of his men, has asked Premier Iyad Allawi to institute a state of emergency. Al Hassan complained of the work of the Interior Minister, Falah Hassan al Naqib: Absolutely no investigation to find those responsible was carried out at the scene of the assassination attempt. The police merely "counted the dead and picked up body parts.

10.00 Amman. PREMIER ALLAWI TRAVELS TO MEET ARAB LEADERS. Iyad Allawi has begun a two-week trip to restore relations with several Arab countries. Allawi is in Jordan today and will travel to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAR.

09.40 Najaf. AFTER 56 DAYS, MUQTADA AL SADR REENTERS PUBLIC LIFE. Al Sadr reemerged today in Najaf, the scene of violent clashes in April. After prayers, Al Sadr went to the tomb of Imam Ali.

08.40 Baghdad. TRUCKBOMB IN BAGHDAD, EYE WITNESSES. There are body parts all over and corpses lying about. We found three carbonized bodies inside a home close to the police station, narrates Hasen Al Hashini, an official on the scene. The blast disintegrated more than 40 parked police cars and damaged another 50.

08.12 Baghdad. ONE PERSON IS WOUNDED NEAR GREEN ZONE. One person was wounded in Baghdad when a grenade was thrown at the Al Salhiya fire station just outside the Green Zone where the US Embassy and the Iraqi governmental headquarters are located.

08.05 Baghdad. TRUCKBOMB, DEATH TOLL MOUNTS. Truck bomb has killed between 10 and 15 and wounded 50.

08.00 Baghdad. FIVE DEAD AND THIRTY WOUNDED. A truck bomb exploded outside a police barracks in the southern part of the city. Iraqi policeman Haitham Salman says a utility van with one person aboard sped into the barracks parking lot and exploded. The blast occurred inside a vehicle maintenance shelter.

07.00 Baghdad. AT LEAST 8 DEAD IN BOMBING. Car bomb explodes at police barracks. Eight dead and many civilian wounded.


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