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Sunday, July 04, 2004

4 July 2004 Events in Iraq

20.00 Baghdad. ANSAR AL-SUNNA, MESSAGE TO BUSH. The authenticity of the most recent communique from Ansar al-Sunna addressed to George Bush demanding the pullout of US troops has not been confirmed. Your soldier had a relationship with an Arab girl and was lured off base. The US Army claims that Hassoun was missing since 21 June but it cannot confirm that he was kidnapped.

19.50 Baghdad. ANSAR AL SUNNA, WE HAVE KIDNAPPED ANOTHER US SOLDIER. Ansar al -Sunna, in its communique on the execution of the US Marine of Lebanese origin, says the organization has taken another "infidel" hostage.

19.12 Baghdad GUERRILLAS: US MARINE EXECUTED . The Ansar al-Sunna Army has announced that it has decapitated Wassef Ali Hassoun.


15.54 Baghdad. OIL-FOR-FOOD INVESTIGATOR DIES. Ihsan Karim died today in Baghdad. The high-ranking Finance Ministry official had been investigating the Oil-for-Food scandal.

15.22 New York. UN: MUSLIM INDIAN TO BE KOFI ANNAN'S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE. An Indian ex-diplomat, Salman Haidar, to be tapped as the UN representative in Iraq. He had served as New Delhi's Deputy Secretary of State.

15.12 Manama. BAHRAIN PREPARED GIVE NAVAL ASSISTANCE TO IRAQ. King Hamad of Bahrain has announced that is country is prepared to participate in a naval force to assume security duties in Iraqi territorial waters if requested in Baghdad.

14.41 Baghdad. ADMINISTRATION OF AIRPORT RETURNED TO IRAQ. Baghdad International Airport is to be managed by the Transportation Mininstry. Security will still be run by international contractors. There are no Customs personnel at this time.

14.33 Brussels. NATO TO SEND INVESTIGATIVE TEAM TO IRAQ. Nato will send a small delegation of less than 10 people to Iraq next week.

13.35 Basrah. PIPELINE SABOTAGED, EXPORTS CUT IN HALF. Sabotage has taken out of service the Khor al-Amaya Terminal.

13.13 Baghdad. CHECKPOINT ATTACKED, SIX IRAQI SOLDIERS DEAD. Guerillas attacked a checkpoint at Mahmudiyah, 30 km south of Baghdad. Six Iraqi soldiers are dead and another 5 wounded.

13:00 Tripoli. GHEDAFFI'S DAUGHTER TO JOIN LEGAL TEAM. Aisha Gaddafi, 26, to join legal team.

12.45 Basrah. BRITISH CONVOY ATTACKED, ONE WOUNDED. A British soldier was slightly wounded by a roadside bomb.

12.00 Mosul. CHECKPOINT ATTACKED, POLICEMAN DEAD. Guerrillas attacked a checkpoint in Mossul with automatic weapons, killind one Iraqi policeman

11.44 Baghdad. POLICE FOIL ATTACK ON TRAIN. Iraqi police foiled an attack on a passenger train travelling to Basrah. Our agents located and defused a rocket positioned to be fired from the Daudi residential district in Baghdad."

10.20 Basrah. OIL PIPELINE SABOTAGED IN SOUTHERN IRAQ. An oil pipeline was sabotaged and set on fire.


08.40 Baghdad. CLANDESTINE CARBOMB FACTORY DISCOVERED. US 8th Cavalry conducts raid and arrests 51 people. Four boobytrapped cars were found.


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