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Saturday, June 26, 2004

26 June 2004 Events in Iraq

22.13 Doha. AL JAZEERA, CLASHES IN NAJAF, US CONVOY ATTACKED. Clashes in Najaf between followers of Moqtada Al Sadr and occupation forces: mortar fire and machine guns heard as a convoy of US Humvees and trucks were attacked on the edges of the city.

22.00 Baghdad. ALLAWI, ELECTIONS IN JANUARY 2005 MAY BE POSTPONED. There is no absolute guarantee that elections will take place in January, says Iyad Allawi in a CBS interview. "We will try to hold elections and it is our duty to aim for this goal...however the security situation will decide whether elections are to be held in January, February or March".


20.45 Beijing. BUSH MAY TRAVEL TO BAGHDAD ON FOR 30 JUNE TRANSFER. The Chinese news agency Xinhua, citing "sources close to the Iraqi interim government," reports the ceremony marking transfer of sovereignty will take place in a secret location and that Bush may attend.

20.00 Hilla. CARBOMB DEATH TOLL IS 15. Carbomb explodes in Hilla, 100 km south of Baghdad

19.20 Baghdad. ZARQAWI THREATENS NEW DECAPITATIONS. A group led by Al Zarqawi threatens to decapitate Turkish hostages within 72 hours if the Ankara government does not evacuate all its citizens from Iraq.

18.30 Baghdad. MANHUNT FOR ZARQAWI. US declares Al Zarqawi "Enemy No. 1".

17.15 Istanbul. NATO, PRELIMINARY ACCORD ON AID TO IRAQ. A NATO press communique says formal agreement is near.

16.00 Istanbul. BUSH: "ABUSES IN ABU GHRAIB HAVE DAMAGED THE IMAGE OF THE USA". President George W. Bush says abuse scandal has damaged the image of the USA before the eyes of the world.

14.00 Basra. SABOTAGED PIPELINE REOPENS. Transmission has resumed toward the Basrah terminal at a rate of 70 thousand barrels per day.

12.13 Seoul. REMAINS OF KOREAN HOSTAGE REPATRIATED. The remains of Kim Sun-Il have been arrived at Inchon Airport in South Korea.

11.47 Baghdad. MORTAR FIRE TARGETS AIRPORT ENTRANCE. A series of mortar shells hit a US checkpoint at Baghdad Airport. No reports of death or damage.

11.40 Najaf. SHI'ITE MILITIA OPEN FIRE ON AMERICANS. "Al-Madhi" Army open fire on a US convoy on the periphery of Najaf.

10.49 Erbil CARBOMB: 40 WOUNDED I FERITI. One person was killed and 40 wounded when a carbomb exploded in Arbil. DPK Culture Minister Mahmud Mohammad was among the wounded.

10.18 Baquba. SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS 4 IN BAQUBA: SCIIRI HEADQUARTERS ATTACKED. Twenty armed and masked men attacked the offices of Supreme Council of Islamic Revoluion in Iraq. One of the attackers blew himself up, killing three party officials and a bystander.

10.12 Geneva. BOLDRINI, "CONDITIONS NOT RIGHT FOR U.N. INTERVENTION". When, as in the case in Iraq, security is absent, the possibility of positive interaction with the civilian populace is reduced to near zero and a job like ours becomes impossible to carry out, says Laura Boldrini, Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner on Refugees.

09.33 Baquba. DYNAMITE ATTACK ON IRAQI NATIONAL ACCORD PARTY. The headquarters of Premier Iyad Allawi's National Accord party in Baquba is attacked with dynamite.

08.56 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED. An American soldier was killed early this morning while on patrol in downtown Baghdad.

08.53 Erbil. ONE DEAD AND AT LEAST 10 WOUNDED IN ARBIL (KURDISTAN). DPK official Mahmud Mohammad was wounded when a parked car exploded in front of his office in a busy street in Arbil.

08.38 Nassiriya. ITALIAN HELICOPTERS DO NOT ENGAGE GUERRILLAS. Italian helicopters under fire in Dhi Qar province near the town of Suk Ash Shuyukh do not return fire. [They are "peace" combat helicopters].



07.29 Nassiriya. ITALIAN HELICOPTERS UNDER FIRE. Two Italian Army Ab412 helicopters are hit by light arms fire.


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