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Monday, June 21, 2004

21 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.54 Washington. US DEMANDS IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. The US has demanded the immediate release of South Korean hostage Kim Sun Il, a 33 year-old interpreter. US State Dept. Richard Boucher says the US condemns the kidnapping of innocent civilians. Colin Powell has spoken with South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon and has declared that Washington "will assist the Koreans in any way possible."

18.45 Baghdad. PETROLEUM INCOME. In just over a year of US occupation, Iraq took in $10.8 billion in petroleum sales.

17.58 Rome. ITALY WILL NOT SEND MORE TROOPS TO IRAQ AFTER 30 JUNE. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says Italy will not commit more troops to Iraq after 30 June.

17.40 Rome. IRAQ, PRESENCE OF CHECHIN FIGHTERS UNCERTAIN. Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini accuses Saddam's "dead enders" of spreading false rumors.

16.34 Mosul. FIVE IRAQIS KILLED BY MINE. Five Iraqis were killed this morning as their convoy passed over a landmine in the city of Gayara, 50 km south of Mossul. Also travelling in the convoy were US construction workers. No reports of injuries among the Americans.

16.07 Doha. COMMITTEE OF SUNNI ULEMA: AL-ZARQAWI IS NOT IN FALLUJAH. We have no information to indicate that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is in Falluja and we believe that he is not., says Abdel Salam Al-Kubaisi, in an interview with Al-Jazeera.

15.50 Fallujah. COMMITTEE OF SUNNI ULEMA REQUEST RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Sunni Ulema demand release of hostage but it is uncertain if the group Tawhid wal jihad (Unity and Holy War) will heed the request from Sunni clergy.


14.50 Teheran. IRAN ARRESTS 8 BRITISH IN TERRITORIAL WATERS. Three military craft were sequestered and the eight crewmembers questioned after their arrest by Iranian forces after having entered Iranian waters, reports al-Alkam radio. The incident took place in the Shatt al Arab waterway dividing Iraq and Iran.

14.41 Nassiriya. 500 LB. BOMB DETONATED BY ITALIAN TROOPS. A 500 lb Spanish bomb was detonated during a bomb desposal exercise in an old Iraqi army weapons depot between Nassiriya and Tallil air base.

13.30 Nassiriya. SOUTH KOREAN DOCTORS REFUSE TO TREAT IRAQIS. South Korean physicians, in Nassiriya for over a year, have refused to treat Iraqis patients until the South Korean hostage is released.

13.11 Fiji. FIJI ISLANDS CONTINGENT TO PROTECT UN PERSONNEL. A military contingent from the Fiji Islands will leave for Iraq with the mission of protecting US staff. The contingent will number 51 to be approved by the UN. Several hundred Fiji mercenaries are known to work in Iraq as security guards.

12.32 Mosul. US CONVOY ATTACKED, FOUR CIVILIANS KILLED. Four civilians are dead and several more wounded after the explosion of a homemade bomb near Gayara, south of Mossul.

12.24 Baghdad. 2 IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMEN DIE. 14 members of the Iraqi National Guard were killed and 14 during a foot patrol in Baghdad.

12.08 Baghdad. 2 DEAD, 7 WOUNDED IN ATTACK NEAR US BASE. A roadside bomb hit a minibus in al-Musajib at an intersection near a US base.

11.52 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE, SEOUL DELEGATION HEADING FOR IRAQ. Foreign Minister Seul Ban kin Moon dispatches a delegation to Iraq.

11.45 Ramadi. FOUR US TROOPS KILLED. Four US soldiers were killed by guerrillas in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

11.32 Amman. SADDAM'S LAWYER SAYS EX-DICTATOR MISTREATED. Saddam Hussein was abused last January and has the scars to show it. Jordanian defense lawyer Mohammed al-Rashdansays Saddam was beaten.

11.17 Fallujah. STREET DEMONSTRATION IN FALLUJAH AGAINST US AIR RAID. More than 1,000 Iraqis demonstrated in Falluja against the recent US air raid. Local sheik Jamal Nazzal, recently released from US custody, says US wants to destroy Iraq.

10.45 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE IS MISSIONARY, SPEAKS ARABIC. Kim Sun-il, 33 years old, working as an interpreter for Gana General Trading, a US subcontractor, is also a Christian missionary.

10.40 Seoul. MOTHER OF SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE MAKES PLEA. "Please spare our son", pleas mother Kim Sun-il.

10.32 Fallujah. HOSTAGES TAKEN THURSDAY. Kim Sun-il was kidnapped last Thursday in Fallujah along with employees of Kellogg, Brown and Root near a US base close to Fallujah.

10.20 Baghdad. LIQUOR STORE BOMBED. Dynamite was thrown through the windows of a liquor store in the Mansour quarter of Baghdad.

10.11 Tokyo. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE, TOKYO PROMISES SUPPORT. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi promised support for South Korea's efforts toward release.

10.02 Washington. TORTURE, JUDGE FORBIDS DEMOLITION OF ABU GHRAIB. Judge in Javal Davis court martial forbids demolition of crime scene.

09.52 Dubai. PETROLEUM; AL ARABIYA REPORTS EXPORTS RESTART. Iraq now producing one million barrels per day.

09.50 Fallujah. KIDNAPPING TOOK PLACE DURING BASE VISIT. Kim Choon-ho, owner of Gana General Trading, supplying military equipment to the US military, says ten Westerners were kidnapped during a visit to the US base near Fallujah.

09.27 Washington. PRELIMINARY HEARINGS FOR THREE SOLDIERS. Defense wants to question Gen. John Abizaid, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, US President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in trial of Javal Davis.


08.15 Nassiriya. Chechin guerrillas may be in Suq Al Shuiuhk, a village in the province of Dhi Qar.

08.05 Seoul. SOUTH KOREA DEMANDS RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Foreign Minister Ban Ki Moon demands the release of Korean hostage.

08.00 Fallujah. THREAT OF DECAPITATION. Two days after the decapitation of Paul Marshall Johnson, 49, in Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi group Jamaat al Tawhid wal Jihad headed by Abu Musab al Zarqawi, threatens decapitation of hostages.


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