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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

22 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23.22 Fallujah. BODY OF DECAPITATED HOSTAGE BOOBY-TRAPPED. The body of decapitated South Korean Kim Sun Il was abandoned along with explosives and could have been a death trap for the US troops who discovered it. Both the body and head were recovered. The remains showed signs of having been dumped by a speeding car.

22.45 Basrah. INTERPRETERS ASSASSINATED Two female interpreters working for the British in Basrah were assassinated by gunshot.

22.25 Fallujah. RAID ON ZARQAWI HIDEOUT. Another hideout of Abu Musab al Zarkawi, considered the 'longa manus' of 'al-Qaeda' in Iraq" was bombed. Eye witnesses report four dead and ten wounded.

22.04 Washington. WOLFOWITZ, US COULD STAY IN IRAQ FOR YEARS. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said it's very possible that US troops will remain in Iraq for years.

21.52 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE, 4 DEAD. Local hospital reports 4 dead in air raid.

20.52 Nassiriya. ROADSIDE BOMB. A roadside bomb detonated near Al Bathah, 40 miles northeast of Nassiriya, as a convoy with Dutch, Japanese and British troops was passing through. No reports of injuries or damage.

20.49 Fallujah. SOUTH KOREAN PERSONNEL TO LEAVE IRAQ, BUT KEEPS COMMITMENT FOR TROOPS. The government of Seoul has ordered all non-essential personnel in Iraq to leave immediately. However, it still intends to send a three thousand man military contingent to Iraq.

20.35 Balad. TWO US TROOPS KILLED, ONE WOUNDED NORTH OF BAGHDAD. Two US troops were killed and a third wounded in a firefight in Balad, 75 km north of Baghdad. Earlier today one US soldier was killed and six wounded in a mortar attack in north Baghdad. Total killed in action is now 622.

19.58 Nassiriya. EXTENSION OF ITALIAN MISSION IN IRAQ BY DECREE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The deployment of armored military vehicles to Nassiriya demonstrates the gravity of the war in which Italy remains a participant. The decapitation of the South Korean hostage confirms that there is no swing towards peace and that horrors and cruelty are on the increase., says Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, head of Italy's Green Party. Scanio adds, The extension of the mission in Iraq is unconstitutional.

19.10 Seoul. SOUTH KOREA CONFIRMS DECAPITATION OF HOSTAGE, BODY FOUND. South Korea has offically confirmed the decapitation of Kim Sun-il. According to Korean new agency Yonhap, the body has been recovered

19.09 Doha. TAPE OF BEHEADING. We warned you. Now you witness the result of your inaction. These were the words of the kidnappers in the video sent to Al Jazeera, in the minutes preceding the beheading. Stop your lies, your presence here is not to help the Iraqis but to serve the accursed Americans, said one of the kidnappers with his face hidden, standing behind Kim Sun Il. The timestamp on the tape was 08.15 am [NKTS spokesmen were obviously issuing disinformation.]

19.04 Doha. AL JAZEERA RECEIVES TAPE OF BEHEADING. In the moments preceding the execution, four masked men are seen standing behind the Korean hostage, who is blindfolded and on his knees, wearing an orange jumpsuit.

19.02 Rome. DECREE EXTENDING ITALIAN MISSION IN IRAQ. Berlusconi's Council of Ministers has approved a ministerial decree extending the Italian mission in Iraq.

18.46 Doha. KOREAN HOSTAGE DECAPITATED. Al Jazeera reports that Kim Sun-il, an interpreter of Arabic, English and Korean working for South Korean security firm Nkts, was decapitated despite indications that a deal for his release was near.

17.26 Baghdad. TWO CHILDREN KILLED IN CARBOMBING. A boy and a girl waiting for a parent inside a parked car were burned to death in this morning's car bombing in Baghdad.

17.18 Fallujah. KOREAN HOSTAGE, KIDNAPPERS DROP DEMAND FOR TROOP WITHDRAWAL. Kidnappers holding the Korean hostage have dropped their demand for a pullout of Korean troops. Korean security firm NKTS reports optimism for a possible solution for the release of hostage Kim Sun-il.

16.50 Fallujah. EXPLOSION IN CITY. A detonation was heard in the Jbeil quaRter of Fallujah, approximately 250 meters from the house destroyed in a US air raid on Saturday. Some witnesses reported seeing aircraft. The explosion killed twenty head of cattle. [Must have been Zarkawi's hellcows of terror].

16.44 Baghdad. BODYGUARD AND CHILD KILLED IN CARBOMBING. A car bomb killed a 3 year-old child and the bodyguard of Adnan al-Janabi, Iraqi Minister Without Portfolio, in a busy streed in west Baghdad. Eight others were wounded and four nearby cars were destroyed. A child was in the back seat of one of the cars and was killed.

16.20 Warsaw. POLAND TO CONTINUE PRESENCE IN IRAQ Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski makes the announcement.

16.05 Baghdad. SADR AWAITS INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. No invitation has yet been sent says Fuad Massum, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

15.20 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN CAPITAL, NUMBER OF DEAD UNKNOWN. The explosion took place in the Amariya quarter of Baghdad in the western part of the capital.

15.15 Kiev. UKRAINIAN MOTHERS PROTEST 1,500 mothers demonstrated in Kiev to protest the presence of Ukrainian troops in Iraq. The Ukranian contingent numbers 1,650 and is deployed in the region of Wasit.

15.05 Nassiriya. ITALIANS DEPART CPA HEADQUARTERS. Barbara Contini, Governor of Dhi Qar province, and her Italian escort have vacated CPA headquarters to make way for the new government.

13.50 Fallujah. MEDIATORS VISIT KOREAN HOSTAGE . Clergy engaged in mediating the release of the Korean hostage visited the prisoner today saying he was alive and healthy.

13.23 Abu Ghraib. 120 MORE PRISONERS RELEASED FROM ABU GHRAIB. Another 120 Abu Ghraib prisoners were released today, More than 2,000 prisoners have been freed,

13.06 Washington. USA TO TRANSFER LEGAL CUSTODY OF SADDAM AFTER 30 JUNE. The US will transfer legal but not physical custody of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqis after 30 June.

13.03 Canberra. AUSTRALIAN MINISTER OF DEFENSE CENSURED IN PRISONER ABUSE SCANDAL. The Australian Federal Senate yesterday approved a motion of censure against Defense Minister Robert Hill for failing to inform the government and the public of Iraqi prisoner abuse. It was revealed that the Minister and senior Australian military officers had knowledge of the existence of abuses and photos as early a June 2003.

12.38 Beirut. CHALABI SUPPORTERS MAY CONDUCT INSURGENCY. Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir says Ahmad Chalabi and his followers may attempt to destabilize Iraq after 30 June.

12.20 Fallujah. KOREAN HOSTAGE, CLERGY LEADS NEGOTIATIONS. NKTS employee Mohammed al Obedi reports execution of the hostage has been indefinitely postponed. [He spoke too soon]

12.11 Rome. ITALY SENDS ARMORED VEHICLES TO NASSIRIYA, Italian Joint Task Force sends Ariete and Dardo armored vehicles to Nassiriya to support its contingent there.

12.09 Amman. EPLOYMENT OF NATO TROOPS TO IRAQ IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. French Foreign MinIster Michel Barnier, in Amman, says deployment would be counterproductive and that "French soldiers will not go to Iraq today, tomorrow or in the future."

12.07 Baghdad. TORTURE, TRIAL OF GIRL SOLDIER DELAYED. Preliminary heardings for Lynndie England-the girl soldier-have been postponed to July.

10.38 Baghdad. AL-SADR MAY ACCEPT INVITATION TO NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Moqtada Al-Sadr may accept an invitation to participate in the Iraqi National Assembly which will elect 100 deputies for the future Iraqi Parliament, says Sheik Ahmad Shibani as reported in the newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

09.41 Bahrain. SIX PERSONS WITH POSSIBLE LINKS TO AL QAEDA ARRESTED. Bahraini security forces have arrested six says lawyer for suspects.

08.43 Mosul. DEAN OF LAW FACULTY ASSASSINATED. The Dean of Law at Mossul University, Mounir al-Keiro, was assassinated in his home this morning together with his wife, Leila Abdallah Saad. Both had been strangled.

08.05 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED, 6 WOUNDED IN MORTAR ATTACK. One US soldier was killed and another six wounded in mortar fire this morning in north Baghdad. A civilian contractor was also wounded.


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