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Thursday, June 24, 2004

24 June 2004 Events in Iraq.

22.15 Mosul. COALITION SAYS 62 DIE. 220 are wounded. Ramadi: 8 dead, 15 wounded; Baquba, 20 dead, 30 wounded.

22.00 Baghdad. POWERFUL EXPLOSION. Explosion heard at 23.15 (local time).

21.20 Baghdad. MEHDI ARMY ANNOUNCES TRUCE. Moqtada Al Sadr's militia announceS an immediate cease-fire in Bagdad. "Due to the circumstances in which our people have been placed we have decided to end operations in Sadr City".

21.06 Baghdad. COALITION CONFIRMS 100 DEAD IN ATTACKS. The civilian death toll today in Iraq was 100 people.


20.15 Denver. PENTAGON TO PROSECUTE TWO US INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS FOR PRISONER DEATHS. The Denver Post reports that the Pentagon will prosecute two military intelligence officers for the suffocation death of an Iraqi general during questioning in November.

19.48 Amman. WIFE OF AL-ZARQAWI: "MY HUSBAND IS INCAPABLE OF KILLING". Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi is incapable of ordering the deaths of women and children according to his first wife, Umm Mohammed, in an interview with the newspaper A-Dustour. Mrs. Mussab, a mother of four living in Zarqa, northeast of Amman, Jordan, says she has not seen her husband since 1999. My husband cannot be a terrorist. He is a good, even a friendly, man.

19.29 Atlanta. SON OF RONALD REAGAN ATTACKS BUSH OVER WAR. Ron Reagan Jr. strongly attacked George Bush on Larry King Live on CNN. The war on Iraq "was a terrible error, made because of lies."

19.28 Baquba. DOCTOR KILLED. An Iraqi physician and his driver were killed in an ambush in Baaquba. "Unknown gunmen who spoke Arabic with a foreign accent opened fire on the doctor's van". said a hospital spokesman. It is believed that the doctor's van was mistaken for a police vehicle.

19.07 Mosul DEATH TOLL RISES. 44 dead and 216 wounded is the casualty toll in Mossul of this morning's attacks. Mossul was heaviest hit, along with 20 dead and 76 wounded between Falluja and Ramadi. 13 persons were killed an 15 wounded in Baaquba; 8 dean and 13 wounded in Baghdad. The toll does not three US soldiers---2 killed in Baaquba and another between Falluja and Ramadi.

19.00 Rome. ITALIAN LOWER HOUSE LEADER CALLS FOR UN INTERVENTION. "The UN must find the resolve to intervene in Iraq, even if it is tempted abandon Iraq to its fate", says Pier Ferdinando Casini.

18.58 Moscow. PRIMAKOV, SADDAM MADE A DEAL WITH THE US BEFORE INVASION. Russian ex-Premier Evgheni Primakov claims that Saddam Hussein made a deal with the US before the war. Primakov is suspicious of the light resistance encountered and the ease with which the Coalition was able to advance. Primakov is also suspicious about the timing of Saddam's capture and the way in which it was carried out. According to Primakov, the images from the capture show the date palms in bloom but December is not the flowering season for palms. Saddam, affirms Primakov, had surrendered way before December and his arrest was staged.

18.41 Baghdad. TOLL RISES: 85 DEAD, 320 WOUNDED. Iraqi Health Ministry in Baghdad ups toll.

18.29 Nassiriya. TWO CARBOMBS DISCOVERED. Two unexploded carbombs were discovered near Nassiriya.

17.54 Nassiriya. ITALIAN SOLIDER ACCIDENTALLY WOUNDED. An Italian soldier was wounded when his service pistol misfired. The bullet entered the back of his leg.

17.20 Berlin. GERMANY WILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN OFFICER TRAINING. The German government is willing to train Iraqi officers in Germany or in a country neighboring Iraq. Berlin excludes sending training specialists to Iraq.

16.40 Fallujah. CALM RESTORED. The violent clashes touched off this morning by an attack on a US convoy on the road to Baghdad have subsided. Guerrillas, said to be foreign, attacked a checkpoint manned by US and Iraqi troops. The US sent in helicopters and warplanes.Two helicopters were hit by the "mujaheddin" and one burst into flames.

16.30 Baghdad. GROUP LINKED TO AL-ZARQAWI CLAIMS REPONSIBILITY FOR TODAY'S ATTACKS. Jamàat al Tawhid e Jihad released a text saying your brothers in Jamàat al Tawhid e Jihad have launched a vast assault over several provinces, including attacks against police recruits,spies the Iraqi army and their American brothers. Your brothers in the martyr brigades have concluded several operations with God's benedition, including five attacks in Mossul against five police stations, two operation in Baaquba and another in Ramadi.

16.15 Riyadh. NEW LEADER OF AL QAEDA CALLS FOR JIHAD. Saleh al-Awfi succeeds al-Muqrin and has exhorted the guerrillas in the network headed by Osama bin Laden to continue the war against the Westerners in the kingdom instead of Jihad against Coalition troops in nearby Iraq. In a statement on the Qalaa website, he says he "is ready to die rather than discontinue the years-long struggle to expel non-Muslims from the kingdom.

16.00 Baghdad. IRAQ: 30 JUNE WILL BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. The Iraqi authorities have declared 30 June to be a national holiday. The decision was taken by the 33-member interim Iraqi government.

15.55 Denver. USA, TORTURE; CHARGES LIKELY IN DEATH OF IRAQI GENERAL. Two intelligence officers from Fort Carson in Colorado are accused of murdering Iraqi General Abed Hamed Mowhoush.

15.40 Bern. SWITZERLAND WILL NOT SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ. The Federal Council in Bern will not send troops to Iraq because the local population would interpret the move as support for the war. "In a country occupied by troops from 15 foreign countries, danger of attacks is high, even if the troops are only guarding an embassy."

15.15 Mosul. GOVERNOR IMPOSES CURFEW. The Governor of Mossul has imposed a 12-hour curfew, from 8 pm to 8 am.

15.00 Brussels. NATO; SCHEFFER SAYS NATO CANNOT SAY 'NO' TO BAGHDAD. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said in a press conference that NATO cannot refuse a request for help from Iraq.

14.50 Baghdad. IMMUNITY FOR US TROOPS BEYOND 30 JUNE. As one of his last administrative actions,Paul Bremer extends immunity for US troops for one year.

14.40 Baghdad. PREMIER ALLAWI BLAMES ZARQAWI FOR MOSSUL BOMBINGS. Ayad Allawi blames a group linked to Abu Musab al Zarqawi for the coordinated attacks in Mosul.

14.20 Baghdad. SUICIDE BOMBING. This morning's bombing in Bagdad was caused by a suicide bomber disguised in a military uniform. The bomber walked up to an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint with a suitcase bomb which detonated killing 4 police and wounding 3 others.

14.12 Algiers. ITALIAN PRESIDENT WANTS UN COMMITMENT "ON THE GROUND". During a state visit by Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Italian President Ciampi declares vital a commitment from the UN "on the ground" to resolve the crises in Iraqi crisis and in Israel-Palestine.

13.50 Nassiriya. TWO TANKS ARE PAINTED PINK FOR PLAYGROUND. The CPA governor of Nassiriya, Italian Barbara Contini, had 2 Saddam-era tanks painted pink for a playground [Why does she think this is appropriate for child's play?]

13.45 Baghdad. OFFICIAL CASUALTIES, 75 DEAD AND 268 WOUNDED. 75 are dead and 268 wounded in a wave of ambushes, suicide bombings and attacks in central and northern Iraq today.

13.20 Fallujah. US HELICOPTER MAKES EMERGENCY LANDING. A US helicopter makes an emergency landing during clashes with guerrillas.

12.33 Ramadi. SUICIDE BOMBER KILLED BY POLICE. A man got out of a car in front of the Qattana police stattion, holding a suicase; the man ignored orders to stop and was killed. [It would be nice if the contents of the suicase were revealed].


11.47 Fallujah, TRUCE ANNOUNCED FROM MINARETS. "Falluja fighters are asked to cease combat; the Marines have begun to pull back after an accord was reached with their commanders." came the announcement from the minarets of Falluja. The news was welcomed with dancing in the streets and spontaneous parades.


11.20 Mosul. 80 DEAD IN CARBOMBING.

10.47 Baghdad. CARBOMB EXPLODES AT US-IRAQI CHECKPOINT. Un'altra autobomba è esplosa oggi a un checkpoint americano-iracheno nel sud di Bagdad. Lo hanno detto testimoni. Ci sarebbero 4 morti tra le forze di sicurezza irachene.

10.34 Mosul. THIRD AMERICAN SOLDIER DIES IN MOSUL. A correspondent for Al-Alam TV reports deaths, relayed by Al-Jazeera.

10.23 Mosul. FIFTH BOMBING TARGETING POLICE. A fifth police station in Mosul was bombed.

10.22 Fallujah. RESIDENTS FLEEING CITY. Residents living close to combat exit Falluja through southern access to the city in the Nuaimiya quarter.

09.54 Mosul. AL-ALAM, ARMED MILITIA TAKE OVER POLICE STATION IN MOSUL. Station located in the Sheikh Fathi quarter in the northern part of the city. Violent clases in Yormuk Square.

09.51 Mosul. US SOLDIER KILLED. A US soldier and a security contractor were killed in a car bombing in Mosul.

09.44 Baquba. US AIRSTRIKE IN BAQUBA. US aircraft bomb Baquba.



09.14 Fallujah. US WARPLANES AND HELICOPTERS IN ACTION. Despite a cease-fire between Sunni rebels and US troops, clashes have broken out in Falluja. Tanks are advancing in various parts of the city. Eastern part of the city evacuated.


08.59 Baquba. COMBAT IN BAQUBA, TWO US SOLDIERS KILLED. Two US troops are killed in Sunni rebel attack on convoy. Two rebels were wounded. Three policemen and 24 civilians die, at least a dozen wounded.


08.30 Mosul. TWO CARBOMBINGS. Iraqi police station in the Wadi Hajar district bombed. Another explosion targets police station in downtown Mossul.

08.23 Baquba. At LEAST 24 IRAQI POLICE KILLED IN ATTACKS. 19 dead in Baquba, 4 in Ramadi.

08.20 Mosul TWO EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN CITY. Violent explosions heard, reports of deaths.


08.18 Baquba. US SOLDIER KILLED AND THREE WOUNDED. First Infantry Division patrol attacked in the al-Mufraq quater of Baquba. Two guerrillas also killed.

08.15 Baquba. ZARQAWI NETWORK CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY. Abu Musab Zarqawi claims credit for attacks in Baquba.

08.00 Baquba.POLICE STATION ATTACKED, IRAQIS DIE. Several Iraqis reported dead in attack. Armed, masked men attack police post with RPG and machine guns and take control of city intersections.


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