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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

23 June 2004 Events in Iraq

22.00 Bahrain. SIX ISLAMISTS ARRESTED YESTERDAY ARE FREED. They were taken into custody for suspicion of a plot to destablize the kingdom.

21.30 Washington. NO DATE FOR SADDAM TRIAL. The US does not intend to set a date for the trial of Saddam Hussein.

21.25 Washington. KERRY SUPPORTS SENDING NATO TROOPS TO IRAQ. Democratic Senator John Kerry is in favor of to sending NATO troops to Iraq to train Iraqi MPs, guard the borders, and monitor the election campaign and voting.

18.35 New York. TORTURE; UNITED NATIONS. US WITHDRAW IMMUNITY RESOLUTION. The US has withdrawn its draft resolution presented to the Security Council extending its immunity from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. The resolution was opposed by Kofi Annan and did not have sufficient votes to pass.

17.25 Fallujah. 20 FOREIGN GUERRILLAS KILLED. 20 foreign fighters killed yesterday in a raid on an alleged Abu Musab al-Zarqawi hideout.

17.20 Baghdad. NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT REQUESTS NATO ASSISTANCE. The Iraqi provisional government has formally asked NATO for "technical assisstance" to train its security forces.

17.10 Riyadh. SAUDI ARABIA, KING FAHD OFFERS AMNESTY. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has offered amnesty to Islamic extremists who surrender within 30 days.

16.05 Basrah. WO SISTERS WORKING FOR US FIRM ASSASSINATED. Two Iraqi sisters aged 38 and 25 working for a US company were killed in front of their home by unknown assailants. Men riding in a truck opened fire on their car.

14.40 Warsaw. POLISH GOVERMENT TO EXTEND MISSION. The Polish government has asked head of state Aleksander Kwasniewski to extend the mission in Iraq through December 2005.

14.10 Washington. WOLFOWITZ: US TROOPS TO STAY IN IRAQ FOR YEARS. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz testified to Congress yesterday that the US may have to keep troops in Iraq for years.

13.25 Nassiriya. CARBOMB EXPLODES, GUERRILLA CAPTURED. A man who detonated a roadside bomb yesterday against a Coalition military convoy in Al Bathah, 40 km from Nassiriya was captured and interrogated by Iraqi police and Italian Carabinieri.

13.20 Erbil. BREMER VISITS 'KURDISH FRIENDS'. Paul Bremer is conducting a 2-day goodwill visit to Kurdistan.

11.26 Seoul. MOTHER OF KOREAN HOSTAGE ACCUSES GOVERNMENT. Shin Youne-Ja, mother of of Kim Sun-Il, decapitated yesterday in Iraq, blames the "damned government" of Seoul having killed he son by confirming the deployment of troops to Iraq.

11.11 Mosul. IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMAN KILLED. One Iraqi guardsman was killed and two others seriously wounded while attempting to defuse a bomb planted in the Dawassa quarter of Mosul.

10.40 Nassiriya. KOREAN HOSPITAL CLOSES. The South Koreans have closed their hospital in Nassiriya.

10.21 Kirkuk. PETROLEUM: PIPELINE TO TURKEY BACK IN SERVICE. Oil transmission by pipeline from Kirkuk to the Ceyhan terminal in Turkey have been restarted following a series of acts of sabotage over the last few weeks.

10.08 Fallujah. HOSTAGE'S EMPLOYER QUITS IRAQ. Cana General Trading, [Cana, as in the Gospel? Well, now we know...Christian missionary work in the Sunni City of Mosques. What were they doing for the US military?] the employer of Kim Sun Il, will quit Iraq and recall its 16 employees. The company is said to supply the US military with "essential goods." [Wouldn't we like to know?]

09.30 Baghdad. SADR REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL CONFERENCE. The radical Shi'a movement lead by Moqtada Al Sadr has refused to participate in the national conference on the future of Iraq, a sort of parliamentary assembly with limited powers which will sit after 30 June.

09.20 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENT, "WE WILL NOT GIVE INTO THE TERRORISTS". Roh Moo Hyun declares his intention to send 3,000 troops to Iraq. Some 650 South Korean troops are already in Iraq.

09.10 Fallujah. AL ZARQAWI THREATENS TO ASSASSINATE PREMIER ALLAWI. In a tape released to an Internet site, Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi threatens to assassinate Iyad Allawi. You are not aware that you have already escaped several attempts on your life; I promise you that we shall continue until the deed is done.

09.00 Baghdad. EXPLOSION NEAR HOSPITAL, TWO DEAD. Two civilians, a child and an adult, were killed and a third wounded in a bombing today in Baghdad in Palestine Avenue, near Al-Kindi Hospital, timed to coincide with the passing of a US convoy. The three were traveling in a taxi, which took the brunt of the explosion,.


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