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Friday, June 25, 2004

25 June 2004 Events in Iraq.

23:49 Washington. POWELL SAYS US IS ANXIOUS TO LEAVE IRAQ Colin Powell tells Arab journalists that the US is anxious to finish its work and leave Iraq.

21.15 Brussels. NATO, ACCORD FOR TRAINING IRAQI TROOPS. Nato countries have reached an agreement for a resolution on training Iraqi troops. Official announcement to be made on Monday in Istanbul. The text contains a clause equating silence with assent.

21.07 Kirkuk. HEADLESS CORPSES DISCOVERED. The corpses were found in body bags; they appear to be Iraqi.

19.36 Fallujah. ZARQAWI ESCAPES IN AIR RAID ON FALLUJA. CNN reports Abu Musab al Zarqawi made a miraculous escape from Falluja.

19.33 Baghdad. SHI'ITE CLERIC ASSASSINATED IN BAGHDAD. Ali Safi, representative of Grand Ayatollah Sistani, reveals assassination of cleric during sermon at the Tomb of Hussein.

18.51 Washington. US GOVERNMENT WANTS IMMUNITY FOR TROOPS Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage says CPA to issue directive granting immunity to all foreign troops in Iraq.

18.33 Fallujah. COALITION CONFIRMS DEATHS IN AIRSTRIKE ON FALLUJAH. Between 20 and 25 Iraqis were killed.

18.32 Bratislava. SLOVAKIA TO SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ, CONFIRMATION ON MONDAY. Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic is convinced it's the right thing to do.

18.09 Najaf. SHI'ITE IMAM CONDEMNS TERRORISM IN SERMON IN SADR CITY. Sheik Aus al Khafaji calls on congregation to fight terrorism.

18.06 Baghdad. NEW UN AMBASSADOR IN BAGHDAD. Kofi Annan will appoint a successor to Sergio Vieira de Mello before 1 August.

17.34 Washington. US SENATE APPROVES GEN GEORGE CASEY TO REPLACE GEN RICARDO SANCHEZ. 55 year-old Casey to replace Sanchez in Iraq.

17.18 Fallujah. AT LEAST 22 DIE IN AIRSTRIKE. Desperately seeking Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who was not at the bombing appointment.

17.15 Geneva. UN EXPERTS DEMAND ACCESS TO PRISONERS IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND GUANTANAMO. 31 UN human rights experts demand permission to travel to American-run prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo on the island of Cuba.

17.00 Fallujah. AIR STRIKE. Yet another raid on alleged hideout of the terrorist Zarqawi.

16.50 Baghdad. IRAQIS EXPRESS APPROVAL OF NEW GOVERNMENT. 68% of Iraqis surveyed approve of the interim government led by premier Allawi, 25% are opposed.

16.32 Bucharest. ROMANIA WILL NOT SEND NEW TROOPS BUT WILL WORK WITH NATO. Romanian Foreign Minister Mircea Geona says his country has no plans for sending in additional troops to Iraq where it has already deployed 750 troops.

16.30 Baghdad. TORTURE, OFFICER PRESENT AT MURDER. A senior US military intelligence officer was present during a fatal interrogation in Abu Ghraib. Capt. Donald Reese says Colonel Thomas Pappas, Commander of the 205th Intelligence Brigade, was present during murder.

16.00 Baghdad. ALLAWI SAYS VIOLENCE TO ESCALATE. Iyad Allawi expects violence in Iraq to escalate.

15.57 Baghdad. PETROLIUM, EXPORT OUTPUT BOOSTED. Iraq is now exporting 1.3 million barrels per day, nearing export average of 1.6 million barrels.

15.50 Berlin. POWELL OPPOSES MARTIAL LAW. Colin Powell say martial law would be "unhelpful" in an interview with Die Welt.

15.35 Istanbul. NATO, IRAQI DEFENSE AND FOREIGN MINISTERS IN INFORMAL TALKS. Iraqi FM Hoshyar Zebari and Defense Minister Khazem al Chalan will hold informal talks on Tuesday in Istanbul during NATO summit.

15.22 Mosul. POLICE STATION ATTACKED, CIVILIAN WOUNDED. One Iraqi civilian was slightly wounded in attack with automatic weapons on police station.

14.40 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE. US warplanes bomb a house in the Chuhada quater of the city.

14.14 Fallujah. SUNNI GUERRILLAS DENY PRESENCE OF ZARQAWI IN FALLUJA. Sunni resistance fighters categorically deny the presence of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi in Fallua in a videtape.

13.49 Brussels. NATO, NO OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUE. A NATO spokesman say it is too early to answer the Iraqi request for assistance.

13.17 Rome. ITALY AGREES TO TRAIN IRAQI FORCES. Italian FM Franco Frattini tells his Iraqi counterpart Hoshyar Al Zebari that Italy is willing to train Iraqi forces.

12.31 Washington. BUSH SKEPTICAL ON ACTIVE NATO INVOLVEMENT. "I am not sure that we will get more troops from any NATO country" says President Bush.

12.25 Najaf. FRIDAY PRAYERS CANCELLED Friday's prayer service at the Tomb of Ali, in the holy city of Najaf is cancelled for the third week in a row due to controversy between radical and mainstream Shi'a.

12.17 Atlanta. CNN, REPORTS 25 THOUSAND US TROOPS TO BE SENT TO IRAQ. The US Joint Chiefs approve the deployment of an additional 25,000 troops in addition to the 138 thousand currently on the ground in Iraq. However, rotations will take place after 7 months in stead of 12.

11.54 Brussels. NATO SAYS YES TO IRAQI REQUEST. Source at NATO headquarters says NATO will answer plea.


11.30 Washington. WOLFOWITZ APPOLOGIZES TO WAR CORRESPONDENTS. Paul Wolfowitz appologizes to war correspondence whom he accused of publishing rumors and being too scared to travel in Iraq for news.

11.22 Kirkuk. EX-REPUBLICAN GUARD COLONEL ASSASSINATED. Ex-Col.Assuad Hadidi, currently employed as a taxi driver, was assassinated in Kirkuk with a single shot.

11.00 Washington. MAJORITY OF AMERICANS SAY WAR WAS A MISTAKE. CNN reports 54% of Americans are opposed to the war.

10.51 Nassiriya. 2 BOMBS AND 2 RPGs DISCOVERED. The Italian 'Pozzuolo del Friuli' Brigade makes discovery.

10.25 Baghdad. 3 POLICE WOUNDED IN NIGHTTIME ATTACKS. Three homemade bombs explode in three different locations in Baghdad, wounding 3 policemen. In late afternoon, mortar shells exploded at Muthannah Airfield, where an Iraqi Army recruiting station is located.

10.20 New York. NYT, DOCUMENT FOUND SHOWING LINKS BETWEEN SADDAM AND AL QAEDA. A '90s document says Saddam attempted contact with Osama Bin Laden in Sudan.

09.35 Mosul. INVESTIGATION DIFFICULT. Police Capt. Abdel Azal Haffoudi says police have few leads in Mosul bombing..


09.20 Brussels. NATO, MEETING CALLED TO DISCUSS IRAQ. NATO calls unexpected meeting to discuss Iraq.

08.10 Fallujha. TWO DEAD Firefight in Fallujah kills two Iraqis.

01.00 Washington. BUSH TO REQUEST NATO INVOLVEMENT. Bush will request NATO involvement during upcoming summit in Turkey, says Condoleezza Rice.


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