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Monday, June 28, 2004

28 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23.50 Doha. AL JAZEERA BROADCASTS VIDEO: "US HOSTAGE EXECUTED". Kidnappers announce that they have killed a US soldier in Iraq. The video shows the execution of Private Keith Maupin, 20, by gunshot.

22.45 Baghdad. THREE POWERFUL EXPLOSIONS IN CENTER OF CITY. Three powerful explosion thought due to mortar shells are heard in downtown Baghdad at approximately half past midnight, local time.

21.05 Washington. MARINE HOSTAGE, PENTAGON HAS NOT CONFIRMED KIDNAPPING. Kimmet says only that Hassoun has been missing since 21 June. Hassoun is AWOL and it is thought he has gone to Lebanon.

21.00 Istanbul. SPAIN SAYS 'NO' TO NATO DECISION. Spain has excluded any cooperation with regard to Iraq and has vetoed the decision taken in Istanbul during the NATO summit to train Iraqi troops. The Spanish government foresees no participation in the ongoing process in Iraq, says Premier Zapatero, and under no circumstances an intervention on Iraqi territory. My position on this question is quite coherent.

20.55 Washington. USA RESTORES DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH IRAQ. Diplomatic relations have been restored for the first time since 1990.

20.40 Moscow. RUSSIA OPTIMISTIC ON NATO CONTRIBUTION. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the situation in Iraq may become stabilized as a result of the NATO decision to train Iraqi troops.

19.05 Baghdad. AMBASSADOR NEGROPONTE ARRIVES IN BAGHDAD. John Negroponte has arrived in Baghdad.

18.40 New York. ANNAN WELCOMES NEW IRAQI STATE. Kofi Annan "welcomes sovereign and independent Iraq into the family of nations".

17.40 Baghdad. SUNNI TERRORIST GROUP PROMISES MORE ATTACKS. The "Ansar al-Sunna" Army threatens more attacks until "the Law of God prevails".

17.20 Geneva. RED CROSS TO CONTINUE PRISON VISITS. The Red Cross will continue prisoner visits after transfer of sovereignty.


16.35 Rome. VATICAN: THE IRAQIS MUST GOVERN FOR THEMSELVES. Monsignor Giovanni Lajolo, Vatican Foreign Minister, says Pope declares that Iraqis alone must govern their country.

16.34 Istanbul. ZAPATERO, SPAIN WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING. PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero says Spain will not train Iraqi security forces.

16.29 Istanbul. IRAQ; The front against terrorism. George W. Bush says Iraqi is on the front lines of the war on terror at Nato summit in Istanbul.

16.18 Istanbul. BLAIR, MIDDLE EAST MUST BE MADE SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY. Blair says terrorists must be stopped in Iraq for the sake of Democracy.

16.04 Istanbul. BUSH: MORE CHALLENGES AWAIT. The civilized world will not be intimidated, says Bush.

16.03 Istanbul. IRAQ: CHIRAC SAYS SOVEREIGNTY IS IMPORTANT BUT THAT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. French President Jacques Chirac said today in Istanbul that transfer of sovereignty is an important step but is insufficient for the rebirth of Iraq.

16.00 Istanbul. NATO: CHIRAC SAYS INDIVIDUAL NATIONS WILL TRAIN TROOPS, BUT NOT THE ALLIANCE ITSELF. Individual nations have opted to train Iraqi troops but not Nato itself, said French President Chirac in Istanbul.

15.56 Istanbul. IRAQ: BUSH SAYS HE KEPT HIS WORLD. President George W. Bush says he kept his world on sovereignty for Iraq but that much remains to be done.

15.55 Istanbul. IRAQ: DAY OF HOPE. President George W. Bush says today was a great day for the Iraqi people.

15.18 Ankara. TURKISH HOSTAGE RELEASED. One of three Turkist hostages in Iraq has been liberated.

15.09 Washington. GEN. METZ, RISK OF ATTACK IN NASSIRIYA. US General Thomas Metz says attacks can be expected in Nassiriya, where Italian troops are deployed.

15.08 Istandul. IRAQ: ITALY TO TRAIN TROOPS. Italian FM Franco Frattini says Italy will do its part.

14.18 Istanbul IRAQ, DETAILS ON TRAINING. NATO will issue the details on training Iraqi troops following the NATO summit in Istanbul.

13.53 Baghdad. SADDAM, TRANSFER TO IRAQI CUSTODY. Saddam Hussein will be transfered to Iraqi custody before July 4th.

13.37 Strasbourg. EUROPEAN UNION: TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY A FIRST STEP. Official comment from the EU calls transfer a first step.

13.36 Baghdad. IRAQI PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER TAKE OATH OF OFFICE. Premier Iyad Allawi and President Ghazi al-Yawar were sworn in by an Iraqi judge.

13.32 Washington. KIMMIT: "SADDAM UNDER IRAQ JURISDICTION" General Mark Kimmitt says Saddam delivered to Iraqi justice.

12.52 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF POWERS; US REOPENS DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS [Black Jack Negroponte reports for duty].

12.42 Kirkuk. SUICIDE BOMB IN KIRKUK KILLS ONE AND WOUNDS TWO. Suicide bomber dies at checkpoing 40 south of Kirkuk.


12.26 Teheran. IRAQ: IRAN CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC. Iran hopes that the transfer of power will lead to independence.


12.24 - STARSHIP ENTERPRISE. A Whitehouse source says transfer of powers occured at warp speed.

12.19 Baghdad. AUSTRALIAN AIRCRAFT: US CONTRACTOR KILLED. A US contractor died yesterday when an Austrialian aircraft was fired upon during takeoff from Baghdad Airport.

12.17 Riyadh. AL-OMURI TURNS HIMSELF IN. Al-Qaeda Number 10 turns himself in in Riyad.


12,03 Istanbul. BERLUSCONI SAYS GERMANY AND FRANCE ACCEPT NATO ROLE FOR IRAQ. Silvio Berlusconi says France and Germany back effort to train Iraqi troops.

11,35 Washington. KIMMIT DENIES CAPTURE OF AL ZARKAWI. Italian news agency ANSA says Mark Kimmit has denied capture of Al Zarkawi.

11,31 Dubai. AL ARABYA SAYS KIMMITT CONFIRMS CAPTURE OF ZARQAWI. Mark Kimmit confirmed capture of Al Zarkawi to Al Arabiya TV.

11,08 Doha. AL JAZEERA REPORTS CAPTURE OF ZARQAWI BUT KIMMIT DENIES REPORT. US forces deny capture of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. Qatari network Al Jazeera says arrest occurred in Hilla.

10,42 Baghdad. BREMER LEAVES IRAQ.

10,15 Nassiriya. ITALIAN TROOPS ATTACKED AND RETURN FIRE. A patrol is attacked in Dhi Qar Province with 3 RPG-7's.

10,04 -Baghdad. CPA NO LONGER EXISTS. The CPA, created on 16 may 2003, is terminated.
09,56 Basrah. BRITISH SOLDIER KILLED IN BASRAH, 2 WOUNDED. British convoy attacked in Basrah.

09,29 Washington. WHITEHOUSE: DAY TO BE PROUD OF. USA is happy with transfer [erm..the USA or the Bush Campaign?]

09,13 Baghdad. BREMER TO LEAVE BAGHDAD TODAY. Paul Bremer will leave Baghdad today, after 13 months a viceroy.

09,08 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY; BUSH WILL NOT TRAVEL TO BAGHDAD. The accelerated transfer of powers preempts visit by George W. Bush to Baghdad.

08,59 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY COMPLETE. Ceremony took place inside Green Zone.

08,51 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF POWERS MOVED UP TO 28 JUNE. Transfer to take place today instead of Wednesday.


08,11 Baghdad. ALLAWI SAYS DATE FOR TRANSFER OF POWER TO BE MOVED UP. PM Allawi says transfer is likely today.

07,44 Baghdad. MARINE MISSING IN IRAQ. Wassef Ali Hassoun missing since 21 June.

07,00 Ramadi. US SOLDIER KILLED IN COMBAT. First Expeditionary Corps loses man on 26 June in Al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.


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