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Sunday, June 27, 2004

27 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.42 Baghdad. SADDAM HUSSEIN TO BE ARRAIGNED BY IRAQI JUDGE. Ex-dictator Saddam Hussein will be brought before a judge handcuffed, chained and under escort, says Iraqi Security Counselor Mouaffak al-Roubaï.

20.30 Dubai. PAKISTANI HOSTAGE ASKED GOVERNMENT TO CLOSE EMBASSY. Al Arabiya TV broadcasts plea to close Baghdad embassy.

20.21 Baghdad. PAKISTANI HOSTAGE THREATENED WITH DECAPITATION. An armed group of masked men kidnaps Pakistani and threatens to decapitate him in three days if insurgent prisoners are not liberated.

20.07 Baghdad. SIX IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMEN KILLED NEAR BAQUBA. Six Iraqi National Guardsmen are killed in an attack in the town of Jalawla, 120 km north of Baghdad.

20.03 Baghdad. UPDATED DEATH TOLL: TWO CHILDREN DEAD. Two children were killed and eight adults wounded, many seriously, on the banks of the Tigris.

19.17 Istanbul. IRAQI FORCES TO BE TRAINED BY NATO. NATO countries meeting in Istanbul reach agreement on training Iraqi troops.

19.06 Baghdad. IRAQI DEFENSE MINISTER: "WE SHALL DECAPITATE THE REBELS". An Iraqi minister has promised a bloodbath in Iraq. "We shall cut off their hands and decapitate them, says new Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Shalaan. [Gee, is that torture?]

18.57 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED IN BAGHDAD. A US solider was killed in a rocket attack in a Coalition base in Baghdad.

18.21 Baghdad. FIVE DEAD AND THREE WOUNDED. Five people playing ball on the Tigris riverbank in front of the Presidential Palace in Baghdad (within the Green Zone) are killed by mortar fire.

18.02 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN BAGHDAD. Four explosions were heard in the Green Zone.

17.45 Baghdad. MORTAR SHELL HITS US AIRCRAFT. One person was killed when a US military air transport plane what hit by a mortar shell after takeoff from Baghdad.

16.35 Baghdad.US AIRCRAFT HIT BY ENEMY FIRE AFTER TAKEOFF. A US military C-130 aircraft was hit by enemy fire during takeoff, 20 km west of Baghdad. The plane returned to the airport and the wounded were ferried to a hospital.

15.16 Nassiriya. ITALIAN CONTINGENT ATTACKED. Italian Army Capitain Ettore Sarli in Nassiriya says no one was wounded; fire was returned "selectively".

15.10 Baghdad. US FORCES SEARCH FOR TURKISH HOSTAGES. Colin Powell says mission is dangerous on CNN.

15.01 Baghdad. ALLAWI: "SADDAM WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A DIFFERENT PRISON". Saddam Hussein will be transferred to a different prison after July 1st says Premier Iyad Allawi, Allawi also backtracked on his statement yesterday that January elections might be postponed.

14.39 Nassiriya. ITALIAN CONTINGENT RECEIVES RPG AND LIGHT ARMS FIRE, NONE INJURED. Italian troops are fired upon with RPG's and Kalashnikovs during an operation at Ar Rifai, where a large arms cache was discovered.

14:00 Istanbul. 40,000 protest against President George W. Bush.

12.30 Ankara. TURKISH HOSTAGES: ULTIMATUM REJECTED. Turkish Vice Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul says "Turkey will never acceed to terrorist threats".



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