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Friday, July 02, 2004

2 July 2004 Events in Iraq


16.30 Fallujah TWO MARINES KILLED. Two Marines were killed in two separate incidents near Falluja. One Marine was killed in al-Anbar Province in a "security and stabilization mission". The other Marine died of wounds received yesterday outside Fallujah.

15.30 Paris. FRENCH LAWYER REPRESENTING SADDAM: "SPECIAL IRAQI TRIBUNAL ILLEGAL". Emmanuel Ludot, a French defender on Saddam's 20-man legal team, said in an interview with Le Figaro that the Special Iraqi Tribunal is illegal and that "Iraq was invaded and occupied in an illegal war, without mandate from the US and in violation of international law." The arrest and detention of the ex-dictator is "irregular". Saddam claims he is head of state because, says Ludot, he does not recognize the new government nor the tribunal which is to judge him.

13.30 Washington. POWELL: "SADDAM PRESUMED INNOCENT". Secretary of State Colin Powell says Iraqi ex-dictator Saddam Hussein will be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The world must carefully observe and carefully listen., said Powell in his first comments on the pre-trial hearing for Saddam and eleven of his henchmen. Let's say that he is innocent if you will...that he's innocent, let's says so and let the Iraqi people decide through the tribunal." Iraq will finally see a "new type of justice.

13.00 Kut. UKRAININAN SOLIDER COMMITS SUICIDE. A Ukrainian soldier has taken his own life in Iraq. Sergeant Ruslan Henzersky, 23, stationed in the central Iraqi province of Wasit, shot himself while on guard duty. His body was found as his relief came on duty. Henzersky is the second Ukrainian soldier of a contingent of 1,650 to commit suicide. Last year a Ukrainian interpreter of Arab origin killed himself.

12.50 Samarra. PRO SADDAM DEMONSTRATION. Hundreds of supporters of Saddam Hussein jammed the streets in Samarra, north of Bagdad in the aftermath of Saddam's pre-trial hearing. Protesters, joined by many women and children, were heard to shout, "With our blood, with our hearts, we shall defend Saddam; Saddam is the glory of the country". Men fired into the air with thier Kalashnikov's.

09.00 Baghdad. GUERRILLAS ANNOUNCE RELEASE OF TWO TURKISH HOSTAGES. In A video turned over to Reuters, the kidnappers release the duo after they promised to quit their jobs with the US military. A few days ago, three other Turks were released.

07.30 Washington. GEN. MYERS: WE MAY KEEP 145,000 MEN IN IRAQ FOR 5 MORE YEARS. Gen. Richard Myers said in an interview with PBS that "We can do it and we are preparing ourselves to do so". Washington has just announced the call-up of 5.600 soldiers who have completed their military commitment for logistics support. It may take six months, a year, a year and a half, two years, three years and probably four or five before the Iraqis are will have what we judge necessary to handle the difficult security situation in their country, says Myers.

07.25 Baghdad. ROCKETS STRIKE HOTEL. Rockets have struck two Baghdad hotels lodging foreign journalists and businessmen. The first rocket hit the 10th floor of the Sheraton while the second hit the parking garage of the Bagdad Hotel. The rockets were fired from a pickup truck which caught fire and burned in Ferdus Square, near the Sheraton and the Palestine hotels.


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