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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Friday, July 16, 2004

16 July 2004 Events in Iraq

14:32 Baghdad. CARBOMBING. A car bomb went off today in Baghdad shortly after 1:00 pm as a US convoy passed nearby. One US soldier and three Iraqi civilians were injured. The incident occurred in the village of Bajaa on the road linking Baghdad and the airport.

13:30 Baghdad.nSUSPECTED AL QAEDA MILITANTS ARRESTED Iraqi National Guard troops arrest suspected AQ militants in Albo Eitha located in the suburbs south of the city.

10:00 Mosul. SECOND BODY DISCOVERED IN THE TIGRIS RIVER - Iraq police recovered a second body from the Tigris. The head was attached to the corpse but the throat was slit. General Salem Haj Issa says the victim is a Westerner.

09:00 Baghdad. ISLAMIC TROOPS INVITED TO IRAQ - Iyad Allawi has invited a handful of Islamic countries and India to provide peacekeeping troops to Iraq: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Marocco and Egypt.

08:45 Baghdad. ZARQAWI'S DRIVER ARRESTED. The driver for Abu Musab al Zarqawi was arrested.

08:15 Baghdada. SYRIA AND JORDAN FUND INSURGENTS. Allawi claims cash from Syria and Jordan is flowing into Iraq to support insurgents.


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