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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

6 July 2004 Events in Iraq.

19.38 Kirkuk. STRATEGIC GAS PIPELINE SABOTAGED. A strategic gas pipeline supplying Iraqi cities and power stations was sabotaged today. The action will create energy shortages throughout Iraq.

19.15 London. WMD: BLAIR SAYS WEAPONS WILL NEVER BE FOUND. British PM Tony Blair said in a Parliamentary session today that Saddam Hussein's WMD may never be found. Within a week, the Butler Report investigating information supplied by Britain's intelligence agencies included in the 2002 dossier which led to war will be released.

18.41 Baquba. NINE DEAD AND 36 WOUNDED. Casualty toll in Baquba bombing climbs.

18.10 Baghdad. AL ZARQAWI THREATENED WITH DEATH BY IRAQI GROUP. Al Arabiya TV broadcast a video showing masked fighters swearing death to Al Zarkawi The group calls itelf the "Salvation Movement" and accuses Zarqawi of using Islam as a justification to kill innocents. [This group has Negroponte Paramilitary Death Squad written all over it.--PT]

17.50 Washington. BUSH: "WE ARE WITNESSING A TRANSFORMATION". The US President Icelandic tells Premier David Oddsson that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world and that he had the intention and capacity to produce WMDs. Bush says Saddam knew Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. [CYA]

17.00 Baquba CARBOMB IN CITY, 8 DEAD, 35 WOUNDED. General Walid Khaled Abdelsalam, police chief of Diyala Province says a carbomb exploded near the family home of a deceased provincial official in Baquba who was assassinated on Sunday.

16.58 Baquba. CARBOMB IN BAQUBA, NUMBER OF VICTIMS UNKNOWN. Khalis Hospital Director Ammar Sobhi Zidane says 8 are known dead and 23 wounded. Most of the wounded are in serious condition

16.52 Baghdad. IRAQI LEADERSHIP SIGNS SECURITY LAW. The interim leaders of Iraq have signed a national security law containing extraordinary measures meant to restore order to Iraq, says Vice President Ibrahim Al Jafaari.

16.41 Baquba. 13 DEAD AND 25 WOUNDED IN CARBOMBING. According to al-Jazeera TV, the target of a bombing were mourners at the funeral of the brother of the governor of Khalis.

16.37 Baquba. 6 DEAD AND 35 WOUNDED IN CARBOMBING. Explosion hits town of Khalis, near Baquba.

16.08 Baqubaa. NUMEROUS VICTIMS IN CARBOMBING. A car exploded near the family residence of a local notable during the funeral of his brother who was killed on Sunday by unknown assailants.

15.39 Baghdad. CARBOMB: 12 DEAD Twelve people die and 25 wounded in a carbombing in Baghdad in the al-Khales quarter in the northeastern part of the city.


15.14 Rome. NASSIRIYA ROAD ACCIDENT; BODY OF ITALIAN VICTIME RETURNED TO LECCE. The body of Antonio Tarantino, killed yesterday in Nassiriya in a road mishap, was repatriated.

14.07 Doha. AMERICAN-LEBANESE MARINE ALIVE AND WELL. Wassef Ali Hassoun sends message to brother through al Jazeera TV.

13.50 Teheran. KHAMENEI, IRAQIS ALONE MUST JUDGE SADDAM. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the attack on Iran and the eight years of war which followed must be among the principal charges against Saddam Hussein, but says Iraqis alone must judge him.

12.50 Baghdad. ALLAWI ORDERED ATTACK ON FALLUJAH. Yesterday's airstrike on Falluja was carried out in response to intelligence received by Iraqi intelligence.

12.39 Kut. ATTACK ON UKRAINIAN-AMERICAN CONVOY THWARTED. An attack on a Coalition convoy in the Shi'ite province of Wassit was thwarted.

12.30 Baghdad. NATO DELEGATION ARRIVES. Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, of NATO's Southern Command, was accompanied by high-ranking British and Italian military officials arrives in Baghdad.

12.29 Teheran. IRAN REQUESTS EXTRADITION OF SADDAM. Iranian Justice Ministry official Gholamhossein Elham was extradition for war crimes.

12.27 Baghdad. ISLAMIC MOVEMENT WANTS ZARQAWI TO LEAVE COUNTRY. An armed Islamic group called 'Iraqi Salvation Movement' sent at videorecording to Al Arabyia TV calling on Zarqawi to leave the country immediately. The group "swears to hunt him down and kill him to save the Iraqi people." [Ambassador Negroponte, this is too blatant].

12.13 Baghdad. BLAIR ON SADDAM'S WMD. Tony Blair admitted that chemical and biological weapons may never be found. We know that Saddam Hussein had WMD but we also know that we have not found them. We must accept that we may never find them.

11.33 Baghdad. CITY COUNCILMAN ASSASSINATED. A city councilman representing the Sunni Adamyia Quarter was assassinated before city hall. Sabah Nagi Kadum was machine gunned by a passing car.

11.22 Fallujah. FOUR POWERFUL EXPLOSIONS IN CITY. Four explosions were heard in proximity to the home destroyed yesterday in a US airstrike.

11.13 Sulaymaniya. SUICIDE BOMBER THWARTED. Iraqi police shot and killed a suspected suicide bomber in Sulaymaniya in Northern Iraq in front of the Hotel Palace where foreigners are known to stay, says PUK leader Jalal Talabani.

11.07 Nassiriya. NO SIGN OF HIT AND RUN TRUCK. Italian troops and local authorities are unable to find a hit-and-run truck which killed an Italian serviceman yesterday.

11.00 Baghdad. UK AMBASSADOR ARRIVES IN BAGHDAD. Ambassador Edward Chaplin arrived today.

10.33 Teheran. TWO IRANIANS ARRESTED FOR ASSEMBLING BOMB. Deputy Minister of Interior Hikmat Mussa Suleiman says two Iranians were arrested in Rasafa while they were assembling a bomb.

10.12 Ramadi. THREE MARINES KILLED IN AL-ANBAR PROVINCE. Two marines died on the spot and the third later died of his wounds in a firefight.

09.10 New York. NYT: CIA DID NOT SUPPLY COMPLETE DOSSIER. According to the NYT, the CIA did not inform George Bush that Saddam had abandoned his WMD programs.

09.00 Baghdad. US TROOPS FIRE ON CAR, KILL CHILD. US soldiers opened fire on a car they said did not stop at a checkpoint, killing one child and wounding another.


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