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Monday, July 05, 2004

5 July 2004 Events in Iraq

20.29 Basrah. EIGHT FOREIGN FIGHTERS ARRESTED. Eight Islamic extremists (seven Iraqis and a Libyan) were arrested in Basrah. They were in possession of arms and explosives.

20.16 Doha. AL JAZEERA, AMERICAN HOSTAGE FREED. US Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun has been released to a safe location after promising not to return to his unit.

19.34 Baghdad. JANUARY ELECTIONS POSSIBLY POSTPONED. The general elections scheduled for January may be postponed because of insecurity in the country, reports newspaper Azzaman.

19.25 Fallujah. FIFTEEN DIE IN FALLUJAH RAID US airstrike on Falluja kills 15, as reported by Al Arabyia TV.

19.09 Baghdad. ALLAWI MAY ATTEND EU MINISTERS' SUMMIT. Iraqi Premier Iyyad Allawi may join the EU Ministers' Summit on July 12 to be chaired by the Netherlands says Italian government. [This has to be a 'trial balloon'--Nur]

18.12 Fallujah. US RAIDS HOME, AT LEAST EIGHT PEOPLE KILLED. A house was blown up in Falluja, thought to be the stronghold of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, during a US raid. The cause of the explosion is not known.

16.50 Karbala. TWO DEAD AND SIX WOUNDED IN EXPLOSION. Two Iraqis are dead and six are wounded in an explosion in Karbala reports hospital doctor Ali al-Arjawi at al-Hussein Hospital south Baghdad, Dr.Arjawi says the bomb had been placed in the eastern part of Karbala and was intended to strike a Coalition convoy.

16.15 Berlin. GERMAN WEBSITE REPORTS RED CROSS HAS DENOUNCED CHILD ABUSE IN US-RUN PRISIONS. More than one hundred children were arrested and suffered mistreatment at the hands of US and Coaltion soldiers, says Der Spiegel online.

15.50 Baghdad. ISLAMIC WEBSITE REPORTS IRAQI SOLDIER HAS KILLED FOUR MARINES. An Iraqi soldier who accompanied a unit of US soldiers in rounding up villagers in northern Iraq fired at Marines and killed four reports the Islamic site "Alkalaa". The incident allegedly took place in the village of Al-Buhishma, near Tikrit within the 'Sunni Triangle.'

15.33 Baghdad. IRAQI RECONSTRUCTION MINISTER THREATENS CANCELLATION OF CONTRACTS. Iraqi Reconstruction Minister Umar Alfaruk Aldamalugi threatens to cancel Iraqi and foreign contracts if the construction schedules are not met.

15.29 Brussels. NATO EXPLORATORY MISSION TO LEAVE WITHIN 48-72 HOURS. The Nato mission to explore the training of Iraqi troops will leave for Baghdad within 48-72 hours.

15.00 Amman. SADDAM'S LEGAL TEAM TAPS IRAQI LAWYER. Saddam Hussein's legal time has asked an Iraqi lawyer to join them in defending the ex-dictator before the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

14.36 Rome. ITALIAN FOREIGN MINISTER PRAISES ALLAWI AMENSTY PROPOSAL. Italian FM Franco Frattini supports decision.

14.27 Baghdad. US AMBULANCE RECEIVES FIRE, WOUNDED REPORTED. A US Army ambulance was hit with gunfire this morning. Al Arabiya TV reports that there are wounded.

14.23 Nassiriya. ITALIAN SOLDIER KILLED IN ROAD MISHAP WAS FROM PROVINCE OF LECCE. First Corporal Antonio Tarantino, 26, died in a road crash in his military vehicle.

13.45 London. JACK STRAW FAVORS ONLY PARTIAL AMNESTY. British FM Jack Straw says favors only partial amnesty to Iraqi guerrillas. It is expected that Baghdad will announce later today that Iraqi insurgents who haven't killed anyone will be amnestied.

13.40 Nassiriya. ROAD ACCIDENT IN NASSIRIYA, ITALIAN TROOPS INVOLVED WERE ALL SOUTHERNERS. A passenger car appeared to be headed from the right towards their vehicle as they drove towards Talil Air Base. The four Italians swerved left to avoid it and were rammed headon by a truck travelling in the opposite direction. The truck has not been located.

13.15 Baghdad. ITALIAN EMBASSY DENIES REPORT OF KIDNAPPED ITALIANS. Italian Ambassador De Martino denies report that two Italian nationals were kidapped in April in Fallujah and are still in the hands of their kidnappers.

13.00 Nassiriya. ITALIANS PUT FLAG AT HALF-MAST AT CAMP MITTICA. Camp Mittica lowered the Italian flag to half-mast after death of Italian soldier in a road accident.

12.44 Baghdad. IRAQI GOVERNMENT POSTPONES EMERGENCY SECURITY MEASURES. The provisional Iraq government was going to announce drastic security measures this morning but postponed the decision at the last minute. The scheduled press conference was cancelled.

12.26 New York. NYT REPORT SADDAM'S CLAN SUPPORTS INSURGENTS WITH ARMS AND CASH. The Al-Tikriti clan is organized in Syria and Jordan to forward contraband, fighters and cash to Iraq reports the NYT.

12.06 Baghdad. ALLAWI REJECTS TROOP OFFERS FROM SURROUNDING COUNTRIES. The interim Iraqi government does not want peacekeeping troops from adjoining countries in Iraq. Instead, Allawi calls on them to monitor their frontiers with Iraq and to stop the infiltrations of fighters.

11.37 Mosul. FIVE IRAQIS WOUNDED BY BOMB. A roadside bomb in Mossul wounds 5 Iraqis.

11.28 Teheran. IRAN SAYS ARREST OF TWO IRANIANS IN BAGHDAD IS A LIE. Iranian spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh says the report by the Italian press agency ANSA that two Iranians had been arrested in Baghdad with a carbomb is a lie.

11.05 Nassiriya. MEDICAL HELICOPTER EVACUATES INJURED ITALIAN TROOPS. Italians hurt in a road crash on the road between Base White Horse and Tallil Air Base have been evacuated by helicopter.

11.02 Samawa. IRAQI WOUNDED BY BOMB IN SOUTH OF IRAQ An Iraqi civilian was wounded by a roadside bomb meant for a US convoy in Samawa.

10.58 Baquba. RELATIVES OF DEPUTY PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR ARE ASSASSINATED. The brother and another relative of the Deputy Governor of Baquba were killed this morning by unknown gunmen.

10.45 Basrah. POLICE STATION ATTACKED. One Iraqi civilian was killed and three others, including a woman, are wounded in an attack on a police station in Basrah.

10.43 Baghdad. IRANIANS ARRESTED WITH CARBOMB. Baghdad police claim 2 Iranian nationals were arrested with a carbomb in the Talibia quarter inside Sadr City.

10.40 Baghdad. NIGHTTIME SKIRMISHES WITH US FORCES, FOUR IRAQIS KILLED. A violent firefight occured last night in the village of Alkhalis in Diyala Province north of Baghdad between insurgents and US forces. Several Iraqis were killed and another eleven wounded.

10.26 Baghdad. SADR RENEWS RESISTANCE AGAINST OCCUPATION FORCES. Muqtada al Sadr relaunches the resistance and vows to fight "until the list drop of blood." Al Sadr also called the appointed "illegitimate and illegal". Iyad Allawi appears to have withdrawn offer to transform the Mahdi Army into a political party.


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