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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Thursday, July 15, 2004

15 July 2004 Events in Iraq

23.00 Rome. THREATS TO ITALY PUBLISHED AT WEBSITE LINKED TO AL QAEDA. An ultimatum was given to Italy threatening a bloodbath like that of September 11. The message says, this is an ultimatum to the Italian people....this is not a threat, but an attempt to show you reality as it is. We are ready to strike new targets with non-conventional weapons which will cause a large-scale disaster. The authenticity of the message remains in doubt.

22.30 Baghdad. EGYPTIAN HOSTAGE: 48-HOUR ULTIMATUM. The kidnappers of an Egyptian truck driver taken hostage on 7 July give 48 hours to his Saudi employer to leave Iraq.

22.04 The Hague. AL QAEDA THREATENS EUROPEAN UNION. Dutch Interior Mininster Johan Remkes says a threatening letter was delivered to Brussels and to the Hague.

21.15 Baghdad. IRAQ FOREIGN MINISTRY SECURITY CHIEF ASSASSINATED. The chief of security for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry was assassinated on the highway between Baghdad and Kirkuk. Two others were wounded in the attack.

21.04 Washington. HASSOUN RETURNS TO USA. The US Marine who disappeared in Iraq and surfaced three weeks later in Lebanon has returned to the USA.

20.45 Washington. TORTURE, SENATE COMMITTEE HEARS NEW EVIDENCE. The Senate Armed Services Committee meeting behind closed doors heard new evidence of abuse.

19.39 Fallujah. US FORCES ATTACKED. US forces came under fire in Fallujah when they attempted to send a convoy into the city. At least seven persons have been wounded, including two children.

18.50 Baghdad. DECAPITATED CORPSE FOUND IN TIGRIS. Body thought to belong to Bulgarian truck driver kidnapped on 29 June.

17.31 Baghdad POWERFUL EXPLOSIONS HEARD. A series of powerful explosions were heard to day in Baghdad in Haifa Street. US armored vehicles have closed off a street.

17.10 Kiev. ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT FOILED. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry says a plot to assassinate a high-ranking Iraqi official was foiled.

16.25 Baghdad. KIDNAPPERS: HOSTAGE WILL BE FREED WHEN MANILA PULLS OUT TROOOPS. Kidnappers demand pullout of all Philippine troops by end of July before Philippino hostage will be released.

16.11 Kut. 15 PEOPLE ARRESTED FOR SABOTAGE. 15 people suspected of sabotage in the Ahrar region 30 km west of Kut were arrested and a large quantity of weapons sequestered.

15.41 Baghdad. OIL WELL BOMB DEFUSED. A 60-kg explosive device was found in a oil well in the Rashidja oil fields, 30 km from Baghdad, and defused.

15.33 Baghdad. 15 REBELS KILLED. 15 rebels were killed and another nine wounded in a roundup of suspects in the 7 July bombing in Haifa Street in Baghdad which killed 2 and wounded 19.

15.13 Manila. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE PHONES HOME. Al Jazeera tape shows truck driver Angelo de la Cruz telling family he is about to be released.

14:37 Damascus. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE: MANILA ASKS FOR HELP FROM DAMASCUS. Philippine Security Counsel Norberto B. Gonzales is in talks with Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa in Damascus.

14.16 Basrah. PIPELINE SABOTAGED. Blast hits pipeline on the Faw Peninsula. Meanwhile an Iraqi soldier guarding the Kirkuk to Beiji pipeline was killed.

14.10 Baghdad. ALLAWI ANNOUNCES MISSION TO MUSLIM COUNTRIES. Premier Iyad Allawi will begin a mission to seven Muslim countries: Jordan, Egypt, Syria, UAR, Kuweit, Iran and Pakistan. Allawi also plans a visit to the UK.

13.54 Baghdad. ALLAWI: NEW AGENCY TO COMBAT TERRORISM. Iyad Allawi anounces a new Iraqi agency to combat internal terrorism and restore stability to the country.

13.42 Baghdad. SEVEN LIQUOR STORES ATTACKED AND DESTROYED. Within 24 hours at least seven liquor stores were attacked in Baghdad by unknown Islamic radicals who either shot out the storefront windows or bombed the premises. All seven stores were completely demolished.

13.14 Damascus. DIPLOMAT SAYS PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE ALIVE. Truck driver Angelo de la Cruz, kidnapped last week, is still alive.

11.39 Baghdad. "DEATH TO SADDAM!": ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE DEMONSTRATE IN BAGHDAD. Demonstrators is al-Tahreer Square shout, "Death to Saddam, Down with the Baath Party!"

11.19 Baghdad. ALLAWI CLAIMS ARREST OF AL QAEDA AGENT. Arab-language newspaper Al Hayat reports AQ agent arrested. No name was given.

11.02 Baghdad. ROCKETS FIRED AT NORTH BAGHDAD POLICE STATION. In Haditha, north of Baghdad, insurgents fire rockets at a police station and an bank.

10.40 Kirkuk. THREE CHILDREN KILLED IN BOMBING. Four members of the same family, including three children, were killed by a bomb in Kirkuk which missed a police station and landed on a nearby rooftop where the family was sleeping.

10.35 Baghdad. ATTACK IN NORTH BAGHDAD: 10 PEOPLE KILLED. Explosion kills 10 in Haditha, northwest of Baghdad.

09.23 Kirkuk. KIRKUK PIPELINE SABOTAGED, EXPORTS SUSPENDED. The pipeline carrying oil from Kirkuk to Ceyhan (Turkey) was sabotaged. The pipeline was bombed near Fatha, 90 km east of Kirkuk" at 6:30 am local time, says Adham Abdallah Jamal, Security Officer for the Northern Oil Company.

08.55 Karbala. SUICIDE CARBOMB IN CITY: DRIVER KILLED. A carbomb exploded at midnight local time in Karbala, 500 meters from the Bulgarian barracks there.

07.57 Baghdad. THREE POLICEMEN KILLED IN ATTACK NORTHWEST OF BAGHDAD. Explosion in the town of Haditha northwest of Baghdad hits police station, a bank and several shops. There are several wounded, mostly police.

07.00 Kirkuk. MORTAR ROUND KILLS FIVE IRAQI CIVILIANS. Midnight mortar round kills five members of the same family and wonlds two others in the Kurdish "Rahimao" quarter of Kirkuk as attackers miss a police station.


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