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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

14 July 2004 Events in Iraq

20.40 Ramadi. FIVE ARE KILLED IN CLASHES. Five Iraqis were killed and 21 wounded in clashes with US forces in Ramadi.

20.17 Baghdad. SAUDI COMPANY TO LEAVE IRAQ TO SAVE EGYPTIAN HOSTAGE. The hostage's employer will leave Iraq.

19.45 Washington. BUSH BLAMES ZARQAWI FOR BAGHDAD CARBOMBING. President Bush in Fond du Lac, WI, attributes carbombing to al-Zarqawi.



17.53 Ramadi. INSURGENTS OPEN FIRE ON US TROOPS: THREE DEAD. US troops kill three insurgents and wounded 10 after they attacked a Bradley vehicle, setting it on fire.

17.44 Mosul. GOVERNOR ASSASSINATED ALONG WITH TWO BODYGUARDS. Assassination takes place in Baiji, on the highway to Baghdad. Armed gunmen blocked the road and fired RPGs into the convoy.

17.35 Mosul. TWO MARINES DIE IN ROAD ACCIDENT. Vehicle flipped over near Mosul in attempt to avoid oncoming truck.

17.22 Mosul. GOVERNOR SLAIN. Yussof Kashmula was slain while travelling to Baghdad.

17.03 Washington. WHITE HOUSE DOES NOT CONFIRM BAGHDAD CARBOMB, Today's carbomb in Baghdad killing at least ten people and wounding another 40 has not been confirmed, says White House spokesperson Claire Buchan.

16.58 Baghdad. ZARQAWI AGAIN THREATENS PREMIER ALLAWI. Abu Musab al Zarqawi vows Twahid wal Jihad will kill the Iraqi PM. We are going do harm to you, Allawi. You were lucky to escape missiles of death which rained down on your home but we have plenty more, thanks be to God.

16.53 Najaf. MOQTADA AL SADR WRITES TO RED CROSS, THANKING ORGANIZATION FOR ASSISTANCE. Moqtadar al Sadr thanks the Red Cross Commissioner Maurizio Scelli the humanitarian relief work in Najaf.

16.36 Manila. HOSTAGE IS OUT OF DANGER AND MAY RETURN HOME TOMORROW. Angelo de la Cruz, held hostage by the Khaled bin al Walid Brigade will not be executed says Philippines Foreign Ministry. The Manila government has already repatriated 8 soldiers.

16.25 Cairo. EGYPT DEMANDS RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Egypt has asked for the release of an Egyptian truck driver held hostage.

16.20 Baghdad. DIRECTOR GENERAL OF MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY ASSASSINATED. Sabir Karim was assassinated in Baghdad in front of his home in the Sadiya quarter of Baghdad by gunmen with silencers.

14.44 Atlanta. CNN, BULGARIAN REPORTED EXECUTED COULD STILL BE ALIVE. Iraqi General Mohammed Khairi Barhawi says Bulgarian hostage is likely still alive near Moseul.


14.33 Baghdad. ALLAWI DENOUNCES SADDAM HUSSEIN'S TIES TO TERRORISTS. Iyad Allawi claims Saddam Hussein had ties to Carlos the Jackal and Abu Nida as well as to al-Qaeda operative in Sudan.

14.00 Baghdad. BULGARIAN HOSTAGE: POLICE SEARCH FOR BODY. The body of Bulgarian truck driver Georghi has not been found.

13.45 London. BUTLER REPORT, BLAIR GAVE A FALSE IMPRESSION. Butler Report says Tony Blair reinforced the impression that WMD intelligence was more consistent and certain than it really was.

13.35 London. BUTLER REPORT, BRITISH INTELLIGENCE WRONG. The report issued by Lord Butler of Brockwell says intelligence seriously wrong.

13.15 Sofia. BULGARIAN HOSTAGE EXECUTED IN RETALIATION. Yesterday's firefight between Iraqi security forces and insurgents "nullified" any effort by the Bulgarian government to negotiate release of hostage, says Bulgarian news agency, Fokus.

12.41 Baghdad. ALLAWI JUSTIFIES US INTERVENTION IN IRAQ. Iyad Allawi says US was right to attack Iraq.

11.34 Sofia. BULGARIAN FORCES TO REMAIN IN IRAQ. Bulgarian Prime Minister says troops to stay.

11.27 Baghdad. AL SAMARRAI ARRESTED. Adnan Hamad Al-Samarrai, the ex high-ranking official of the Muqabarat, has been arrested in connection with the 17 March carbombing of the Mount Lebanon hotel in the Karrada quarter of Baghdad.

11.08 Safia. BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT POWERLESS. Bulgarian Government spokesperson Dimitar Tsonev says it is up to "the sovereign state of Iraq" to negotiate with kidnappers.

09.40 Baghdad. ALLAWI SAYS TODAY'S CARBOMBING IS RETALIATION. Yiad Allawi says today's carbombing is in retaliation for arrests made over the last few days.


09.16 Baghdad ALLAWI SAYS 10 DEAD AND 40 WOUNDED IN CARBOMBING: Seven Iraqi National Guards and three civilians killed.

08.52 Baghdad. US SOLDIER WOUNDED. US soldier wounded in carbombing.

08.33 Baghdad. HOSPITAL REPORTS THREE DEAD AND 23 WOUNDED. Karama Hospital has received three dead and three wounded; Yarmouk Hospital has treated 20 seriously wounded.

07:53 Baghdad. MANY DEAD AND WOUNDED IN BAGHDAD CARBOMBING. A car parked at the entrance ot the Green Zone has exploded.

07.43 Doha. AL JAZEERA CONFIRMS CARBOMBING: Car explodes near US embassy at the entrance to the Green Zone.

07.40 Manila. PHILIPPINE ARMY PREPARES PULLOUT. Six days away from an ultimatum deadline, Manila has dispatched transport aircraft to repatriate its troops. However military authorities deny receiving any order concerning a pullout.

07.23 Baghdad. POWERFUL EXPLOSION NEAR GREEN ZONE Column of smoke seen rising near Green Zone.


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