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Saturday, July 17, 2004

17 July 2004 Events in Iraq

21.38 Baghdad. TWO EXPLOSIONS IN CAPITAL. Two powerful explosions in rapid succession were heard this evening in Baghdad. The blasts appear to come from the Green Zone, a fortified area where the US and British embassies and interim government headquarters are located. US helicopters are overflying the scene.

19.55 Samarra. US TROOPS KILL IRAQI POLICE OFFICER. US troops shot and killed an Iraqi police officer by mistake as the officer walked toward their checkpoint.

18.18 Baghdad. US AMBASSADOR: NO AMNESTY FOR ANYONE WHO HAS KILLED AN AMERICAN. John Negroponte say there will be no amnesty for anyone involved in killing Americans. Negroponte also said it was too soon to know when US troops would be withdrawn.

18.00 Baghdad. ISLAMIC PARTY OFFICIAL ASSASSINATED. A Sunni cleric and member of the Islamic Party was assassinated today in Baghdad. The victim was Abdel Samad al-Adhami, brother of Abdel Wahab al-Adhami, known for his opposition to the regime of Saddam Hussein.

17.36 The Hague. HOLLAND READY TO PARTIALLY CANCEL IRAQI DEBT. Holland is prepared to partially cancel 245 million Euros in debt and interest owed by Iraq, says Agnes van Ardenne, Minister of Development Aid at The Hague.

16.38 Baghdad. PRIVATE SECURITY FIRM TO PROTECT SADDAM'S LEGAL TEAM. Legal team says it has hired a private security firm to ensure the personal protection of its members and criticized the USA and Iraq for failing to provide the service.

16.15 Kirkuk. POLICE STATION ATTACKED: 5 WOUNDED. Two police, two civilians and a guerrilla were wounded during an attack on a police station in Hawijah, 50 km west of Kirkuk.

15.35 Ramadi. GUERRILLAS KILL AND PUT EYES OUT OF JORDANIAN TRUCK DRIVER Guerrillas shot and killed a Jordanian truck driver in western Iraq, then put his eyes out. Driver Ayid Nassir, was transporting food from Amman to Baghdad when he was attacked near Ramadi. The body was abandoned on the roadside.

15.30 Baiji. DYNAMITE ATTACK IN NORTHERN IRAQ, US SOLDIER KILLED. At least on US soldier was killed an another wounded in a dynamite attack on their convoy in Beiji in northern Iraq. The charge was remotely detonated as the convoy passed nearby.

15.26 Baghdad. EGYPTIAN HOSTAGE TO BE FREED TOMORROW. The Egyptian truck driver taken hostage in Iraq will be freed tomorrow, says his Saudi employer, informed by one of the kidnappers.

15.12 Samarra. CHALABI SUPPORTER ASSASSINATED. A leader of the Iraqi National Congress, Hamed Sabri, was assassinated today in Samarra together with his son.

15.08 Mosul. US SOLDIER KILLED IN AMBUSH. A US soldier was killed south of Mosul.

11.37 Manila. PHILIPPINE SOLDIERS IN KUWAIT. The first group of eleven Philippino soldiers withdrawn from Iraq are now in Kuwait.

11.25 Sydney. AUSTRALIAN PRESS REPORTS ALLAWI EXECUTED SEVEN INSURGENTS. PM Iyad Allawi shot seven insurgents dead with his pistol in Baghdad on 28 June. The Sydney Morning Herald says eyewitnesses viewed the killings at a Baghdad police station where prisoners were being kept. Allawi's office has denied the story.

11.08 Tikrit. SADDAM ERA GENERAL ARRESTED IN TIKRIT. An ex-Republican Guard general, responsible for the defense of Baghdad during the war, was arrested today in Tikrit by US forces. General Sofjan Maher was a home at the time with four other men. The general was taken during an "assault' inside Tikrit.

10.58 Baghdad. US TANKS DEPLOYED. US tanks are surrounding the Palestine Hotel, in downtown Baghdad and the Green Zone.

10.37 Baghdad. GROUP LINKED TO AL-ZARQAWI CLAIMS CREDIT FOR ATTACK ON MINISTER. A group linked to al-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for morning's attack on the Iraqi Justice Minister. "Your brothers of Tawhid wa al-Jihad have conducted an operation against Malek Dohan al-Hassan, Minister of Justice for the puppet government".

10.22 Baghdad. TWO EXPLOSIONS, THREE WOUNDED. Two blasts went off in the in Adel quarter of Bagdad. Three persons , including two police officers were wounded. A third blast was avoided as the device was found and defused.

09.54 Nassiriya. ITALIANS BUILD MONUMENT TO MATTEO VANZAN. A small monument of copper and cement was erected in Nassiriya honoring Matteo Vanzan, killed in action, as a symbol of peace.

09.00 Baghdad. SUICIDE CARBOMB DIRECTED AT IRAQI MINISTER. The body of the suicide bomber was found, bringing the death toll to six."We are collecting body parts," says a policeman who says the scene is terrifying. Of the 21 wounded only 11 required hospital attention. 4 are in critical condition.

08.45 Mahmudiya. CARBOMB SOUTH OF BAGHDAD: TWO DEAD. A carbombing in Mahmudiya, 30 km south of Baghdad targeting an Iraq National Guard barracks kills 2 and wounds 25.

07.45 Mahmudiya. CARBOMB TARGETS NATIONAL GUARD. The explosion went off as dozens of young recruits were lined up in front of the barracks. The carbomber breached a checkpoint and was fired upon as the blast occurred.

07.30 Baghdad. FIVE DEAD IN CARBOMB TARGETING JUSTICE MINISTER. Bomb targeted Malek Doha Al Hassan, who was unharmed. Seven nearby cars were completely destroyed and four residences damaged. The blast killed the minister's bodyguards and passers-by.


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