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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

21 July 2004 Events in Iraq

Eight US troops killed in combat today if helicopter downing is correct.

20.30 Baghdad. ROCKET MISSES RED CROSS WARD. The rockets launched at Baghdad Surgical Hospital miss the Red Cross ward one floor below the impact.

19.26 Ar Ramādi. US DENIES HELICOPTER SHOOTDOWN. US denies shoot down of a helicopter near Ramadi.

19.06 Baghdad. BAGHDAD MAYOR TO REMOVE SECURITY BARRIERS. Mayor of Baghdad will remove concrete barriers in front of hotels and government buildings.

18.36 Manila. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE ARRIVES HOME. Angelo de La Cruz arrives back in the Philippines.

18.33 Ar Ramādi. US HELICOPTER SHOT DOWN: 3 DEAD. Al Manar television in Lebanon reports that a US helicopter was shot down near Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

18.11 Cairo. ZEBARI PLEADS WITH NEIGHBORS: 'DEFEND OUR BORDERS'. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari pleads for security cooperation in Cairo.

17.31 Baghdad. HOSTAGES WILL BE EXECUTED: 72-HOUR ULTIMATUM. An Islamic group threatens to decapitate hostages within 72 hours if their employer, a Kuwaiti firm, does not end work in Iraq.

17.23 Dubai. AL ARABIYA: ISLAMIC GROUP TAKES HOSTAGES. The Islamic group "Black Flags” has taken six hostages - three Indians, two Kenyans and one Egyptian employed by a Kuwaiti firm in Iraq. In a video broadcast by Al Arabiya TV, the kidnappers threatened to kill the hostages if the Kuwaiti firm does not pull out of Iraq.

16.24 Baghdad. ROCKETS STRIKE HOSPITAL: 2 DEAD. Two people were killed and four wounded when a rocket hit the seventh floor of the Adnan Khairallah hospital in Baghdad. The dead were patients.

16.10 Sāmarā’. DEATHTOLL RISES TO 10. At least 10 dead so far in clashes between US troops and guerrillas.

16.07 Baghdad. CARBOMB IN BAGHDAD, FOUR DEAD. Four people were killed in a bombing in the New Baghdad quarter, say Iraqi police.

15.00 Ar Ramādi. CARBOMB. A car bomb went off near a hospital in Ramadi: three brothers killed.

14.54 Kirkūk. POLICE PATROL ATTACKED IN CITY, ONE DEAD. A local police officer was killed and four others wounded in Kirkuk when their patrol was attacked by RPGs as they were patrolling the eastern part of the city. The wounded are in critical condition.

14.07 Riyadh. HEAD OF EXECUTED US HOSTAGE FOUND. Security forces have found the head of Paul Johnson.

13.36 Warsaw. WARSAW AND SOFIA REJECT TERRORIST THREATS. Poland and Bulgaria reject threats and will remain in Iraq.

13.03 Baghdad. AL QAEDA MESSAGE TO POLAND AND BULGARIA. The Tawhid Islamic Group has threatened Bulgaria and Poland through an Islamic web site.

12.20 Manila. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE: MANILA DENIES RANSOM. The Manila government has denied paying a ransom for the release of Angelo de la Cruz.

12.19 Al Qurnah. ROCKETS FIRED AT DANISH BASE IN SOUTHERN IRAQ. The Danish base at al-Qurnah in the Province of Basrah was the target of rocket fire, says Danish Chief of Staff Hans Vedholm. No damage or injuries reported.

11.18 Sāmarā’. CLASHES IN CITY, 5 IRAQIS KILLED. Five Iraqis were killed and another 18 in a firefight between US troops and guerrillas in Sāmarā’, 100 km north of Baghdad. The rebels fired mortar rounds on US troops from a home. US troops called in air and ground support. The home was destroyed.

09.11 Sāmarā’. BODY OF SCIENTIST FOUND MUTILATED. The mutilated bodies of a scientist and another individual were found in Samara.

08.32 Riyadh. STREET BATTLE IN RIYADH, 2 MILITANTS KILLED AND 3 WOUNDED. Two suspected al-Qaeda members were killed and three others wounded in a battle with Saudi security forces in the King Fad residential quarter in the northern part of the city.

08.31 Doluiyah. US SOLDIER KILLED, SIX WOUNDED NORTH OF BAGHDAD. A US soldier was killed and six others wounded when their convoy was struck by a roadside bomb in Doluiyah, north of Baghdad.

08.15 Ar Ramādi. IRAQ: FOUR US TROOPS DIE IN COMBAT IN WESTERN IRAQ. At least four US troops were killed in al-Anbar Province.


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