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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

20 July 2004 Events in Iraq

17.30 Baghdad. TWO IRAQI POLICEMEN KILLED SOUTH OF CAPITAL. Two Iraqi officers killed as guerrillas close off a road south of Baghdad.

16.50 New York. EL BARADEI, INSPECTORS TO RETURN TO IRAQ. IAEA Director Mohamed El Baradei says Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari has asked for return of inspectors.

16.45 Ramadi MARINE KILLED IN COMBAT WEST OF BAGHDAD. A Marine was killed in Al Anbar Province, west of Baghdad, during a "security and stabilization operation"

16.05 Baquba. MINIVAN EXPLODES IN BAQUBA, BOMB MAY HAVE BEEN INSIDE VEHICLE. The explosion of a minivan near Baquba could be the result of a bomb carried by one of the passengers which detonated early. The four men killed were veterinarians inspecting herds of livestock in the area.

14.55 Baquba. FOUR VETERINARIANS KILLED BY LANDMINE. Four Iraqi veterinarians were killed and another three wounded in the explosion of a landmine their passenger van passed over it in Ghalabia, 20 km west of Baghdad. A survivor said they had just been passed by a National Guard vehicle which is thought to have been the target.

14.45 Baghdad. AL ZARQAWI THREATENS MUSLIM COUNTRIES. Al Zarqawi threatens Muslim countries. "This message is meant for Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Gulf Emirates, Indonesia, and Malaysia: we are warning you for the last time; we will strike with an iron fist whoever supports the Americans or Allawi and his gang."

13.50 Baghdad. AL ZARQAWI THREATENS JAPAN. Al Zarqawi threatens Japan with terrorist action if Japan does not pull out of Iraq. "Do as the Philippines have done - because no one else can help you. Your destiny will be that of America and others."

13.15 Manila. WIFE OF PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE THANKS KIDNAPPERS. The wife of Angelo De La Crus, Arcenya De La Crus, has expressed thanks to the kidnappers for returning her husband.

11.51 Baghdad. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE WITH MANILA DIPLOMATS. Angelo De La Crus, who was released at the UAR embassy in Baghdad is now with Philippino diplomats and will be flown to Abu Dhabi for a medical exam.

11.23 Manila. PRESIDENT CONFIRMS RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Philippines President Gloria Arroyo confirms release of Angelo De La Crus. I have just spoken with him. He is in good health, his morale is high and he sends his greetings to all Philippinos.


10.24 Karbala. 500 IRANIAN PILGRIMS ARRESTED. Iraqi police blocked 500 clandestine pilgrims from entering Karbala.

10.23 Karbala ARRESTED MAN MAINTAINED ARSENAL. 80 rockets, 200 grenades, 400 grenade launchers, 30 machine guns and 26 bombs were found in Karbala

10.21 Mosul. EX-MILITARY OFFICER ARRESTED. An ex high-ranking officer of the Republican Guard was arrested in Mosul together with Saddam's chief bodyguard and feddayeen commander Munir Ibrahim.

09.46 Basrah. BODYGUARDS DIE IN AMBUSH. The ambush of Hazim Tawfiq Al-Anachia, provincial council official, at a checkpoint 100 meters from his home in the Jubaila quarter of Basrah also killed three of his four bodyguards. Men in police uniform ordered the car to stop and then opened fire.

09.45 Manila. RELEASE OF PHILIPPINE HOSTAGE UNCONFIRMED. Ricardo Saludo, spokesperson for Gloria Arroyo's government, says news of release unconfirmed.

09.37 Moscow. RUSSIA DENIES RUMOR OF TROOP DEPLOYMENT TO IRAQ. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Yakovenko says there is no plan to send a military contingent to Iraq. Rumors has circulated that the USA had made the request.

09.30 Dubai. PHILIPPINO HOSTAGE RELEASED. Dubai's al-Arabiya TV says Angelo della Cruz is released.

09.26 Ramadi. IRAQI POLICEMAN KILLED. An Iraqi police officer was murdered at km. 160 on the Baghdad-Amman highway by a group of armed men.

09.09 Mosul. 41 EXTREMISTS ARRESTED. Iraqi police say 41 extremists were arrested.

07.49 Basrah. PROVINCIAL OFFICIAL ASSASSINATED. Hazem Tawfiq Ainachi was assassinated in Basrah. Tawfiq Ainachi was ex-Vice Provincial Governor and coordinated provincial council activities.



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