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Thursday, July 22, 2004

22 July 2004 Events in Iraq


14.10 An Najaf. 2 DEAD AND 3 WOUNDED IN ATTACK ON POLICE PATROL. Two policemen were killed in an attack on their patrol by insurgents along the Najaf-Diwaniya highway. One insurgent was wounded and taken prisoner.

13.32 Baghdad. POLICE ROUNDUP IN BAGHDAD, 20 ARRESTS. Iraqi security forces with the support of US troops arrested 20 people in Baghdad.

13.14 Al Kūt. ATTACK IN CITY, TWO POLICEMEN DIE. Two police officers were killed by gunfire from unknown assailants in the Shi'ite city of al-Kūt. The body of a third officer was discovered later.

12.51 Nairobi. THREE KENYANS TAKEN HOSTAGE. Three Kenyan nationals have been taken prisoner by the Black Flags. All are married with children.

12.27 Kuwait City. HOSTAGES, EMPLOYERS WORK TO SECURE RELEASE. Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company will do everything in its power to secure release of its employees held hostage.

12.24 Kirkūk. POLICEMAN KILLED IN ATTACK. One policeman was killed and a civilian wounded in an attack in downtown Kirkuk. Unknown gunmen opened fire on a police station.

12.12 Baghdad. BOMB KILLS CHILD. A 10 year-old child was killed in the explosion of a bomb outside the Sunni Abu Hanifa Mosque in downtown Baghdad.

12.04 Tikrit. DECAPITATED BODY FOUND. The body of a Westerner thought to be the second Bulgarian truck driver held hostage was found in the River Tigris in Bayjī, 220 km north of Baghdad. The body was wearing an orange jumpsuit. The head was also found inside an orange sack. The body has been taken to Tikrit hospital for autopsy.

11.42 Kirkūk. TURKMAN LEADER GRAVELY WOUNDED. Aslan Burhan Aughalu, leader of the Turkman Front, was gravely wounded last night in Kirkuk when gunmen fired on his home. Three suspects have been arrested.

11.20 Baghdad. SEVEN-HOUR DRAGNET IN BAGHDAD. Downtown Baghdad was the scene of a massive roundup operation carried out by Iraqi National Guard supported by US troops. Haifa Street was closed off as well as three bridges over the Tigris. The operation began at 3 in the morning and lasted until 10 am.

09.47 Baghdad. VIDEO SHOWS HOSTAGES IN HANDS OF INSURGENTS. The group "Black Flags" are said to hold 3 Indians, 2 Kenyans and 1 Egyptian. However in the video there is a third Kenyan. All are truck drivers. In the video, the Egyptian is heard to say, What we are doing, helping the Americans and the Jews, is not right. I want to return to Egypt to be with my mother and my children. We have been captured by courageous men who have given us food and drink. The Egyptian, Mohammed Alì, is 40 years old with a days-old beard. The hostage has sworn never again to enter Kuwait or Iraq. He concludes by saying, Help us, we don't want to die. Mother, don't be afraid if you're watching me on TV, everything is all right. I'll be back home at the end of the month and I pray God that everything goes well for you, me and my sons. Do not be afraid, God watches over us. If we die, it will be His will. Next, Kenyan hostage Fayez Khamis Salem speaks in broken English: We were in Kuwait and we were sent to Iraq into a very dangerous area. I advise you all not to come to Iraq. Don't help the Americans, it is not a good thing.

09.43 Tampa. USA: "25 REBELS KILLED IN COMBAT YESTERDAY." 25 insurgents were killed and 17 wounded in clashes with insurgents yesterday. 13 Marines and one soldier were wounded.


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