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Friday, August 06, 2004

6 August 2004 Events in Iraq

US airstrikes on the cemeteries and slums of the people we 'liberated'. Takin' em out, dead or alive, in Sadr City, Amarra, Samarra, Najaf, Nassiriya and Basrah.


16.33 An Najaf. GOVERNOR ISSUES ULTIMATUM TO AL SADR. The governor of Najaf gave Moqtada al Sadr's militia 24 hours to get out of town.

16.00 An Najaf. MILITANTS DENY US CLAIM ON CASUALTIES. A spokesman for Moqtada Sadr has denied that the US has killed 300 of his supporters in Najaf. The Marine's XI Expeditionary Corps had made the announcement.

15.46 An Najaf. 300 REBELS KILLED IN NAJAF. In the last 48 hours US troops have killed nearly 300 guerrillas says American official.

15.37 An Nāşirīyah. MORTARS FIRED AT ROMANIAN CONTINGENT At 16.30 local time a Romanian patrol came under fire in the southern part of the city. Clashes continue between Italian tropps and militiamen along the Euphrates.

15.36 An Nāşirīyah. GENERAL ALEXITCH : SITUATION SERIOUS. Gen. Vladimiro Alexitch, commander of the Italian contingent in Iraq says the situation in An Nāşirīyah is difficult but that Italian troops are not over-reacting to the conflict.

15.08 Baghdad. SADR CITY: MILITANTS RELEASE TV CAMERAMAN. A cameraman for Aki-AdnKronos TV was briefly taken hostage by militants in Sadr City.

14.52 An Nāşirīyah. INTENSE COMBAT BETWEEN MILITANTS AND ITALIANS. Moqtada al Sadr's militia engages Italians and fires mortars at Romanian checkpoint on the Sūk ash Shuyūk highway.

14.16 An Nāşirīyah. SHI'A REVOLT IN SOUTHERN IRAQ, SADR AGAINST US FORCES. "The United States is our enemy.", says Moqtada Sadr.

13.58 An Najaf. TWO US SOLDIERS KILLED IN NAJAF. Two US soldiers were killed in action in Najaf, 680 US troops have now died in Iraq since March 2003.

13.18 Boston. KERRY; ISLAMIC FORCE A GOOD THING BUT LATE, Presidential Candidate John Kerry considers an Islamic peacekeeping force "a good idea" but that the initiative should have been started long ago.

12.53 An Nāşirīyah. MILITIANTS AND ITALIANS ENGAGE IN NASSIRIYA. Combat rages on bridges in Nassiriya.

12.28 Baghdad. FOUR LEBANESE TAKEN HOSTAGE. Four Lebanese nationals, all truck drivers, have been taken hostage.

11.52 Baghdad. IRAQI GOVERNMENT OUTLAWS MILITIAS. Government declares Shi'ite militias in Najaf outlaws. Spokesman Girgis Sada says militiamen will be considered terrorists.

11.40 An Nāşirīyah. CIVILIANS DEAD IN CITY. Iraqi Health Ministry says 6 civilians are dead and 13 wounded.

11.35 An Nāşirīyah. SPOKESMAN FOR ITALIAN CONTINGENT REPORTS CARBOMB. Captain Ettore Sarli confirms that blast striking the "Bravo" was a car bomb. Militants battle to dislodge Italian troops from their positions at three Nassiriya bridges.

11.18 Baghdad. 19 DEAD AND 111 WOUNDED. Clashes in Baghdad yesterday killed 19 and wounded 111.

11.04 An Najaf. REVISED DEATH TOLL. 52 people are dead and 174 wounded in clashes in Najaf.

10.59 An Nāşirīyah. CARBOMB TARGETS ITALIANS. At 11.55 this morning local time a car drove through an Italian checkpoint on a bridge over the Euphrates at Nassiriya and exploded.

10.36 Sāmarā’. CLASHES. US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKE ON CITY. At least 11 missiles were fired into neighborhoods and at a bridge over the Tigris.

09.50 An Najaf. 26 DEAD, 90 WOUNDED IN NAJAF. Clashes continue between militants and US troops.

09.45 Al Başrah. BRITISH TROOPS UNDER FIRE. Shi'ite militiamen fire at British forces in Al Başrah and Al Amāra. In a mortar attack in Al Başrah, one person was wounded.

8.48 An Najaf. US TANKS ENTER CENTER OF NAJAF. American tanks were spotted in downtown Najaf. US launches airstrike on cemetary.

08.37 An Nāşirīyah. SPORADIC GUNBATTLES. Clashes resumed at dawn between Italians and guerrillas firing from opposite banks along the Euphrates. At 4 am local time a commando team assaulted a police barracks in the eastern part of the city where the most violent clashes are occurring.

08.15 An Najaf. FOUR CIVILIANS ARE KILLED AND 10 WOUNDED. Among the wouded are guests staying at the Al-Janoub Hotel in downtown Najaf which was struck by mortar fire.

08.04 Baghdad. 15 US TROOPS WOUNDED IN BAGHDAD. At least 15 US troops were wounded in Baghdad in clashes with Shi'ite guerrillas.

07.58 Sāmarā’. TWO CIVILIANS KILLED. In yesterday's bombings and clashes in Samarra 2 civilians were killed ant 13 wounded, including 2 children and 3 women. Before dawn, US troops abandoned their positions surrounding the city.

07.48 An Najaf. US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKES IN NAJAF. Dense columns of black smoke were seen rising from the city. 19 people were killed.

07.28 An Nāşirīyah. CLASHES CONTINUE DESPITE NEGOTIATIONS. Militants say they destroyed 4 Italian armored vehicles.

07.26 Baghdad. ALLAWI TO ANNOUNCE AMNESTY TOMORROW. Iraq PM Iyad Allawi is scheduled to announce an amnesty tomorrow which will pardon rebels but not those who might have killed someone. [??? i.e. All elementary school students are pardoned--Nur].

07.24 San Salvador. AL QAEDA THREATENS EL SALVADOR. A group said to be linked to Al Qaeda has threatened El Salvador with terror attacks if it sends its troops to Iraq.President Tony Saca has announced that a new contingent approved last month by Parliament after firey debate will leave for Iraq in mid-August.

07.15 An Nāşirīyah. AL SADR OFFERS TRUCE TO ITALIANS. Moqtada Al Sadr has offered a truce to Italian troops in An Nāşirīyah. Meanwhile mortar fire has it a power station, causing a black-out in the southern part of the city.


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