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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

4 August 2004 Events in Iraq

Brussels. 20.17 -NATO OFFICIALS TO GO TO BAGHDAD. A small advance team of NATO military officials will travel to Baghdad within the next few days to prepare for a training mission for Iraqi security forces. Dutch General Carel Hilderink says the team will leave August 8th.

20.09 Baghdad. ANSAR AL SUNNA CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR BAQUBAH BOMBING. The armed Islamic group Ansar al-Sunna has claimed responsibility for yesterday's car bombing which killed three Iraqi policemen in Ba’qūbah and has threatened more violence directed against Iraqis who support "the crusader occupiers."

19.29 Mosul. 14 DIE IN FIGHTING. 14 are dead and 52 wounded in street battles in Mossul. Insurgents have taken control of a part of the city and have distributed weapons to the residents.

18.11 Cairo. ARAB WEB SITE: "OPERATION IN FALLUJAH CONSEQUENCE OF KIDNAPPING". According to the web site Islam Memo, a US general was kidnapped yesterday at 9.30 am local time during an assault on a US convoy on the highway linking Al Fallūjah and Ar Ramādi, west of Baghdad. The web portal also says the battle yesterday outside a US military base in Ar Ramādi was a result of the kidnapping. US troops sealed off Al Fallūjah in retaliation last evening.

18.09 Cairo. ARAB WEB SITE: "US GENERAL KIDNAPPED IN RAMADI". A US general was kidnapped yesterday near Ar Ramādi says the Arab language website Islam Memo.

17.58 Ar Ramādi. GOVERNOR OF AL ANBAR QUITS AFTER SONS ARE LIBERATED. The Governor of al Anbar Province has resigned. Abdel Karim Berges kept his word given to kidnappers that he would quit his post in return for the liberation of his kidnapped sons.

17.53 Mosul. BROTHER OF MULLAH KREKAR KILLED IN MOSSUL. Khaled Sido, brother of Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish radical Islamic group Ansar al Islam, was killed today during combat between insurgents and Iraqi police. The announcement was made by the Nineveh provincial government.

17.13 An Najaf. SIX IRAQI POLICE OFFICERS KIDNAPPED IN NAJAF. Moqtada Sadr's militia has kidnapped six Iraqi police officers says the governor of the Shi'a holy city . Two were taken from their home by the Mahdi Army. The governor of the city, Adnan al Zorfi, threatens action against the militias.

15.52 Mosul. COMBAT RESUMES, NUMBER OF WOUNDED RISES. Fighting continues on five bridges spanning the Tigris in the city of Mssul. 46 are wounded says hospital spokesman.

15.45 Copenhagen. DANISH ARMY CAPITAIN CHARGED WITH TORTURE. 37 year-old Capt. Annemette Hommel was charged with torturing an Iraqi prisoner inside Camp Eden near Basrah where 500 Danish troops are deployed. The officer was sent home in July, two months before the termination of her mission. The Danish Defense Minister has ordered mission officers home. [Yesterday, initial press dispatches said the entire contingent had been recalled. Without their officers though, they are not up to much--Nur].

14.20 Mosul. CASUALTY TOLL RISES. Hospital sources report 38 wounded in this morning's clashes.

14.15 Mosul. CURFEW IMPOSED. Local Mosul television has broadcast an order imposing curfew at 3:00 pm local time as police and insurgents clash.

13.36 Mosul. STREET BATTLES IN CITY, AT LEAST 12 DEAD. At least 12 Iraqis including 2 women have been killed and 26 wounded in street battles between police and insurgents. The fighting began at 12:45 pm local time.

12.33 Cairo. EGYPT: WE SHALL NOT SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ. The position of Egypt is clear. We shall not send our troops to Iraq. This is the reply of Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit to a Saudi proposal to substitute Coalition troops with an Arab contingent.

12.27 Manila. PHILIPPINE SOLDIERS GET HERO'S WELCOME. Ceremonies in Manila honor repatriated troops.

12.26 Ankara. TURKEY CONFIRMS RELEASE OF TWO TRUCK DRIVERS. The Anatolia News Agency reports confirmation by Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul that two Turkish hostages were released.

12.11 Amman. SADDAM'S DAUGHTER TO ENTER POLITICS TO HELP FATHER. Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of the ex-dictator, wants to enter politics as a duty to her father. In an interview with the Arab international daily, Asharq al Awsat. Raghad, who until now lived in seclusion in Jordan with her sister Rana, declares You may not understand but I have a filial duty. I bear his name, He's counting on me.

11.50 Baghdad. DEFENSE MINISTER WANTS DEATH PENALTY FOR SADDAM. Iraqi Defense Minister Shalaan demands death penalty for ex-Dictator Saddam Hussein. If Saddam were to live on, it would be an offense to the victims of his crimes.

11.27 Mosul. POLICE AND INSURGENTS CLASH. Violent clashes between insurgents and police broke out in the streets of Mossul. Five or six powerful explosions have occurred inside the city. Iraqi police began firing like madmen in all directions, and shoulder-launched RPG fire was returned, reports the Reuters correspondent on the scene.

11.08 Baghdad. MINE INTENDED FOR AMERICANS EXPLODES: TWO DEAD. Two Iraqis, a man and a woman, were killed by a roadside mine meant for a US military convoy which was passing nearby.

10.05 Amman. RELEASE OF JORDANIAN HOSTAGES CONFIRMED. Truck drivers Ahmad Abu-Jaafar, Mohammad Ahmad, Khleifat and Khaled Ibrahim Masoud as well as businessman Ahmad Tayseer Sunokrot have been released in Fallujah.

10.04 Baghdad. COALITION FORCES PATROL BORDER WITH SYRIA. Coalition forces have been deployed to the Syrian border to prevent incursion of guerrilla sympathizers.

09.04 Doha. AL JAZEERA REPORTS TURKISH TRUCK DRIVERS RELEASED. "Because of the decision on the part of their Turkish employer to end deliveries to US forces in Iraq, the Tawhid and Jihad Group has decided to free the two Turkish hostages." explains a communique from the group.

08.51 Baghdad. FOUR JORDANIAN HOSTAGES RELEASED. For Jordanian truck drivers kidnapped 27 July have been released says a brother of one of the hostages, thanking an Iraqi mediator reponsible. The Iraqi Resistance Death Squad demanded that their Jordanian employer end business activities in Iraq.

07.07 Baghdad. TWO MORTAR SHELLS LAND IN GREEN ZONE. No damage reported.


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