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Thursday, August 05, 2004

5 August 2004 Events in Iraq

Welcome to the daily revolution. US engages slumdwellers and radical Muslims from north to south.

21.15 An Nāşirīyah. MILITIAMEN FIRE ON ITALIAN CARABINIERI. Italian Carabinieri are also under fire in Nassiriya. No casualties reported.

20.04 An Nāşirīyah. ITALIAN ARMY PATROL FIRED UPON. Light arms fire was directed at an Italian patron today in Nassiriya. The Italians did not return fire.

19.46 An Nāşirīyah. TENSION, GOVERNOR CALLS IN ITALIAN TROOPS. Tension is rising in Nassiriya where the Governor of Dhî Qār Province has called in the Italian contingent and armored vehicle support as al Sadr militiamen launch revolt.


18.46 Kirkūk. KIRKUK-CEYHAN PIPELINE SABOTAGED AGAIN. The pipeline running from Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan was again sabotaged today together with another pipeline supplying a power station with natural gas.

17.57 Copenhagen. DENMARK DECIDES TO KEEP TROOPS IN IRAQ. In a reversal, Denmark has decided to keep its troops in Iraq despite and ongoing inquest into charges of prisoner abuse.

16.40 An Najaf. US SOLDIER KILLED IN NAJAF. An American soldier was killed in combat in Najaf.

16.38 Sūk ash Shuyūk. ITALIAN TROOPS DESTROY ARSENAL. An arsenal with thousands of arms and explosives was discovered by Italian troops near Sūk ash Shuyūk, one of the most restive towns in the Province of Dhî Qār.

16.03 An Nāşirīyah. ITALIANS RESCUE 3 BRITAINS AFTER ROAD ACCIDENT. Three British soldiers involved in a road accident were rescued by Italian troops, who cordoned off the area. [Why does this not sound like a road "accident"?--Nur]

15.46 An Najaf. COMBAT RESUMES IN NAJAF. Renewed, heavy fighting between US troops and Shi'a guerrillas.

15.40 Al Başrah. CLASHES BETWEEN SADR MILITIA AND UK FORCES, 2 DEAD. Violent clashes have broken out in the southern city of Basrah between sono Moqtada al Sadr's militia and UK troops. Two guerrillas have been killed.

15.30 Al Başrah. UK TROOPS KILL MILITIAMAN IN BASRAH. British troops deployed in the city of Basrah have killed a militiaman in combat in the north of the city, says Saad al Basri, a spokesman for Mqtada Sadr.

15.00 Baghdad. JORDANIAN HOSTAGE FREED. Adel Obdeidallah, one of two Jordanian businessmen taken hostage 28 July, was freed today and is returning to Amman. His brother, Omar, says a $100,000 ransom was paid.

14.33 Karachi. PAKISTANI PRESIDENT KEEPS OPEN TROOP OPTION. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has left open the possibility of sending troops to Iraq, saying it would not be very diplomatic to definitively exclude the step.

14.15 Baghdad. UNITED NATIONS MISSION TO BE PROTECTED BY THE COALITION. The new UN mission to Iraq will be protected by a multinational force under US command.

13.36 Baghdad. MEMBER OF SUNNI ULEMA RELEASED. Mouthana Al Thari, chief of public relations for the Committe of Iraqi Ulema, who was arrested by the US on Sunday night, has been released.

13.01 An Najaf. MINARET AT MAUSOLEUM OF IMAM ALI DAMAGED. Moqtada Sadr's Shi'a militia have accused the US and Iraq police of damaging one of three minarets at the Tomb of Imam Ali, a Shi'a holy site, in Najaf, south of Baghdad.

12.21 Al Başrah. MAHDI ARMY DECLARES JIHAD AGAINST BRITISH TROOPS. The Mahdi (the Awaited One) Army, led by radiacal Shi'ite leader Moqtada al Sadr, has declared Jihad against the British after the arrest of four militia members.

11.23 An Najaf. US HELICOPTER SHOT DOWN IN NAJAF. Two crewmembers were wounded when their helicopter was shot down in Najaf.

11.17 Baghdad. SADR CITY, CIVILIAN KILLED. One civilian is dead and two others wounded in clashes between the US and Moqtada Sadr's militia in Sadr City, Baghdad.

11.15 An Najaf AMERICAN HELICOPTER SHOT DOWN IN NAJAF. Several persons were wounded.

11.14 Mahāwī. CARBOMB, NINE DEAD. Nine dead, including four suicide bombers, is the result of a bombing of a police barracks in Mahāwī, 75 km south of Baghdad. Another 23 were wounded.

10.49 Mosul. TURKISH TRUCKER EXECUTED. A Turkish trucker was executed in Filfayl, 70 km from the Turkish border. He is the second Turkish trucker to be executed by Iraqi insurgents.

10.44 An Najaf. ROCKETS HIT HOSPITAL. A doctor was killed and four other persons wounded when five rockets fell on Najaf's main hospital.

08.40 Mosul. 22 DEAD. US military sources say at least 22 Iraqis were killed yesterday in Mosul, including 14 civilians and 8 guerrillas.

08.20 Mahāwī. FIVE DEAD IN MAHAWIL. At least 5 are dead and 24 wounded in an attack on a Mahāwī police barracks. The explosion followed an armed attack when a minibus rammed the building.

08.10 An Najaf. VIOLENT CLASHES IN NAJAF. Battle rages between Moqtada Al Sadr supporters and US Marines who are supported by helicopter gunships.

07.40 Mahāwī. POLICE BARRACKS CARBOMBED. Bombing is in Mahāwī, 75 km from Baghdad.


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